Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

What a busy day! and yesterday was too with the Halloween party at school in the afternoon and then dance after school. Brenna’s first grade class in their costumes:

Today started with makeup dance classes for Brenna and Sarah. There aren’t too many things I will give up sleeping in on Saturday morning for, but my kids are one of them and they were disappointed they missed classes because of the snow on Wednesday and Thursday. So I dragged myself out of bed early to take them this morning to classes they could substitute for their regular classes. The kids are allowed to wear costumes to class the week of Halloween, so everyone has fun dressing up and showing off their costumes. Even the teachers get into the fun and  most of them dress up to some degree. Ms. Rozanne was a witch this morning. She had a fabulous twig broom parked outside the door to the ballet room and a sign announcing that “The Witch Is In” hanging on the doorknob. She left the door open for us to watch today too, and one of the fun things she had the girls do was practice their leaps while jumping over her big black hat. She had some extra fun with the girls dressed as Dorothy and would chase them briefly after they had finished their leap. LOL

After dance was over we came home and waited for trick-or-treat time. Daddy brought home the new Tinkerbell DVD from the Redbox when he got back from hiking, so that helped pass those last few minutes of waiting. Finally it was time to get ready and while we were getting on costumes, Grandmama showed up with the new Rusty. While he is the same breed as her previous dog, he is definitely not the same. His coat is a bit redder and he is a much calmer dog. He checked everyone out for a few minutes and his nervousness subsided. He definitely seemed to have more of an affinity for Bryce over the girls, but he happily went to anyone who called him.

Darth Vader (Bryce), 50s girl (Beth), a doll (Carissa),
bumblebee (Brenna), and a ballerina bunny (Sarah)

Beth and Carissa had been invited to their friend Brooke’s house for a party and trick-or-treating, so after taking the yearly photos I dropped them off and then came back home to take the other kids out. Grandmama and Rusty stayed to help answer the door and hand out candy while we were gone. It was a beautiful night for being out, which is amazing considering how cold and nasty it was just a few days before. Sarah wore a coat while trick-or-treating and I got by comfortably with just a light sweatshirt jacket. After a few houses, I asked the Sarah if she was getting tired and she answered ‘no, there’s still room in my bucket’ I then asked her how much candy she had and she leaned over it and started counting LOL She probably could have counted them all at that point if we let her as she can get to 20 now correctly, but I told her that I didn’t really need to know and that we had better get busy and go to the next house to fill it up some more.

I think we hit a record for the number of kids that stopped at our door for treats this year. The final number was 112 when we ran out of candy about 8:45. Many of our neighbors had run out and turned off their porch lights earlier.

I’m off to turn the clocks back and get into bed. I'm coming down with some sort of crud- I have been coughing all day and am just feeling congested overall now. My voice is all scratchy too. So, night everyone and Happy Halloween!

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