Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally- Beth & Carissa’s birthday party pictures

I promised these a long time ago, and then other things kept coming up that would push it back down the list. So finally I got their LO done, as I need to get my printing order put together and to the copy shop very soon!

journaling: We celebrated their birthday twice this year. On the 13th Sarah helped make rainbow cupcakes & Beth & Carissa opened their gifts from family, getting a new Sims expansion pack, clothing, a HSM Wii game and some cash to spend. They invited friends over for a sleepover the 14th & 15th. They made tie-dye tshirts, played games, snacked, watched movies and of course stayed up much too late. They received another Sims expansion pack, gift certificates to Assemble, MLP toys, stuffed cats, books, t-shirts, and purses filled with beauty products and Webkinz, and had a fabulous time with their friends.
credits: Life in Technicolor by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; Tempate 129 by Yin Designs; Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin at SweetShoppeDesigns
fonts: Beansprout DNA, Typewriter

B&C_11thBirthday2009-2  B&C_11thBirthday2009-1

I’m working on the Christmas newsletter today. It’s cold and snowy and supposed to be like this all day today. It’s definitely going to be a very long winter here in Colorado.

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