Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I got out of bed running this morning

and haven't stopped since. There is nothing like waking up to the refrain of 'Mama I have a dirty diaper' and realizing that it is 7:50 and the kids should have left the house 5 minutes ago for school. I was waiting for the alarm to go off to tell me it was time to get up, but I never turned it on evidently. So, after changing Brenna's diaper, throwing a few cereal bars in the kids' backpacks for snack and hustling everyone out the door I drove them to school in my nightgown and robe. And then, of course, the latch on the door stuck and I had to get out of the van in front of everyone to open it for them. Not the way I like to start the day.

After checking email and sending a few PMs at RAKs this morning, I packed the younger two up in the van and we drove to the World Arena to see if we could get tickets to the Disney on Ice show. The library came through with ticket vouchers yesterday. Of course the opening night show, when tickets could be had for $10, was sold out. There was all of ONE ticket left for Thursday night's show. The vouchers were said to be good for only Wednesday and Thursday night's shows, so I thought I was going to be out of luck. But then the saleslady said Disney had opened up seats for voucher holders during the Saturday evening show. So, as soon as our next credit card bill arrives we will be $105 poorer. yep, during those show times the seats are $21 each. Ouch! Disney sure knows how to take your money and make you think it will be worth it. I hope the kids enjoy it. I am sure it will be a typical Disney spectacle.

We had lunch at McDonalds, Brenna played and I fed and held Sarah while trying to look through my old Papercraft mags for digicraft ideas. I found a neat basket template, so next month's project will be an... Easter basket. When I asked for project suggestions last night at the chat, someone mentioned that so that is why I went searching for one. We came home, put Brenna in bed, Sarah slept in her car seat and I continued working on my magazine list project until after the big kids came home from school. I've got tons of other ideas too now, and I wrote them down in my little project notebook. Hopefully deciding what to do in the following months will be a little quicker now that I have a list. I love lists- I just can't seem to keep track of them these days. LOL

I spent some time cleaning up, cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and now the house is quiet and I'm tired. Sarah is sacked out on the nursing pillow. I want to work on my Mom's advice quote for this week, but I have a newsletter tutorial to review (thank you Julie for writing it this month!!) and a few other things. I guess we will see how long I last before I start to fall asleep at the keyboard ;)


Blogger Tania said...

Oh Wow! That would be me, always late in the mornings. If I have to be there after 9am, no problemo, poor JT, I just don't know what I'm going to do when he has to be at school!!
Hope that Disney show is good!

12:30 AM  

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