Thursday, March 09, 2006

I need spy academy ideas

Brenna's birthday comes first, but Bryce's is just a couple of weeks after and is going to take a lot more planning (it's just harder to entertain 10 year olds when using the computer and TV aren't options). We're having a spy party this year and I am trying to come up with ideas. A lot of the spy theme parties involve these really elaborate treasure/clue hunts. I really don't want to go there- too much work and the last time we tried that the kids couldn't figure out my clues. I dont' think they were that hard, I think they were just lazy LOL So, I thought we could do a 'spy academy' with training exercises. Here's what I've thought of so far:
target practice- I found a cheap suction cup type dart gun to use for this. Could also do a ball or water balloon toss outside (pretend grenades) if the weather is nice on party day.
obstacle course for agility training- not sure exactly what we would set up yet, but it would also have to be an outdoor/nice weather sort of thing
secret message decoding- will have several different types of 'code' they have to figure out. The ones I've thought of are letter-shift, number-letter code, tiny hidden message (print in very small letters in an unusal spot on the note paper, they have to use the magnifying glass to see it; I guess I need to see how small my printer will print LOL!), invisible ink- writing with lemon juice (maybe the kids could practice writing their own notes with that one because I am not sure I want a candle burning during all of the party chaos). There was a really cool 'how-to' LO in the Feb06 CK that shows you how to make 'invisible' messages with the computer- you know the kind- light blue printing under large red printing and you have to use a red transparency to see the writing underneath. I may give that a shot if I have any time to play with it. Any others you all can think of?
Secret Identity training/game - have them draw names of different characters or animals and they have to assume the new identity until people guess who they are. A version of charades basically.
fingerprinting and ID badge station- pretty self-explanatory I think.

Oh and here is the cake I plan to basically copy. A gal with the username 'tripletsmom' posted it at this really cool site called Cake Central . My goodness the things people come up with are just amazing. Most people there have to have everything on a cake be edible, I don't feel that is necessary. A plastic toy stuck on top of the cake will do sometimes LOL! I found some black squishy balls at a party store that were supposed to be pirate cannonballs, but turn the skull and crossbones pic down so you can't see them and stick one of the sparkler candles I have in them and they will make a right nice pile of black bombs ;) We have a real magnifying glass around here somewhere, I just need to figure out where DH stashed it, and I picked up some black spy sunglasses on the birthday party shopping expedition last month.

Well, I have to go. Sarah is throwing a major fit wanting to be held and I need to tend to her. If I can get her settled down I have lots of things to do today:
fold and put away Brenna's laundry- done
wash Sarah and I's clothes- first load in dryer, second in washer
read over RAKs newsletter tutorial one more time and get it sent to Correen- done
work on Mom's Advice LO
Brenna's ABC LOs
figure out dinner- done, now I just have to execute at the appropriate time
put away clean dishes in dishwasher
give Sarah a bath
clean some more
and on and on...

Leave me a comment if you have any more ideas for the party, please!!! Have a great day!


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No suggestions to offer, but what you've planned sounds awesome! :)

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