Monday, May 15, 2006


Five things in my fridge: 3 gallons of milk, cheese sticks (Brenna's favorite snack), cottage cheese, half of a boneless ham, pumpkin spice coffee creamer

Five things in my car: box of baby wipes, diaper bags 3 of the them- one for Sarah, one for Brenna, and one for baby toys, stroller, MP3 player, book I need to take to Goodwill that Mark doesn't want any more

Five things in your bag: digital camera, ziploc bag of crayons, Dentyne gum, notebook with a stash of coupons, small bottle of hand sanitizer

Five things on my DVR or video player: last 2 episodes of Dr.Who, NCIS, 24, Cadet Kelly, High School Musical

Five things in my wardrobe: socks with holes (I really need some new ones), light blue jeans, black shirts, MOPS t-shirts, Weekenders skirts and blazers- one ruby red and one sapphire blue

and Tracy's extras:

Five fave foods: chocolate, chai tea, lasagna, enchiladas with red and green chile sauces, muffins of any kind

Five things you are working on: June digicraft instructions, reading my stack of scrap mags, my weight, learning more about the features included in PSE, how to scan negatives with my scanner

Five things you wish you could do right now: go to bed (but I have to finish this first), take a vacation all by myself, work on something uninterupted before 11Pm at night (gee I sense a theme there LOL!), hire a cleaning service that does bathrooms, sleep later than 7AM

I have no idea who hasn't been tagged, and I'm too tired to go look so if you haven't done this then go for it! ;)
Here is something fun I did tonight instead of working on the digicraft instructions:

I got a new book on PSE at the library this afternoon and it shows you how to get some really cool effects! "The Digital Photographers Guide to Photoshop Elements: improve your photos and create fantastic special effects" by Barry Beckham.

That's it for me tonight. I'm headed to bed!


Blogger AmyK said...

Wowie! That picture/painting looks SO cool! I love the effects. And my wish list looks quite similar to yours (time alone, sleep, lol). I can't wait to see the new templates too. :)

10:06 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Cool photo effect!

My top thing I wish I could do right now is also sleep! I've been staying up tooooo late! One more week of school and then I can start trying to get the kids to sleep in!! Woo hoo!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hot-air balloon picture!
That would make a COOL kit!


6:38 AM  

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