Monday, August 07, 2006

I've been trying to get my newsletter article done all day and just haven't been able to get more than half done on it so far. between taking Brenna to the potty every 30 minutes or so (she's been dry all day!) and trying to keep Sarah fed and happy I just haven't been able to get much done. Now it is time to start making dinner after Sarah finished nursing and I get her settle in the swing for a short evening nap (I hope....). Since I can't show you the newsletter article, here's a pic of the kids on their way to school this morning. It's one of my little traditions to take their pic in front of the school sign every year.


Blogger my2boys said...

awwww...they are all so kiddos and brenna going potty...big girl. It takes some time for some of them. hang in there momma. to address the previous post.

What the ?@?#DE sorry...but it pissed me off. I must be hormonal. How dare someone do that!! If they were nosey enough and had the juevos to do that, they should have marched their happy little butt over to your house and knocked on the dang door and made sure you were ok. I am appalled! Kids cry. I remember when I was trying to get Chase to sleep in his crib...he would cry for what seemed like hours (but it wasn't but still)) And then he had night terrors for almost a year...I was so afraid someone would call the is a form of sleep walking but htey are terrified and scream and cry. And you can't wake them up. sigh.

Sorry you went through that...and man....I am so glad Bran isn't like that. He gets irritated sometimes...but doesn't really say much. Going from single to seven is a big diff.

hugs darlin@

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