Thursday, January 03, 2008

a couple of pics for moms to love

Some people are doing the 365 pictures challenge. I'm not willing to commit to that, wish I could, but I would rather be honest and say it's just not going to happen. I can post a couple of cute pictures I took today however!
Sarah in her new 'do'. She insists that her hair be put in some fashion every day now. Barretts, a pony tail, pigtails, .... something! I put a few hair things in her stocking for Christmas and I've created a monster! She brings me something and says 'hair' and then she bugs me until I put it in. She does look adorable though ;) I guess I won't be trimming her hair a whole lot since it is easier to put up when it is longer- good thing she likes for it to be neat.

and look at this little guys adorable face and wild hair- it sticks straight up all over his head!! LOL We ventured out to the zoo this afternoon since it was a bit warmer (meaning we didn't freeze our tushes off the minute we stepped outside) and we saw him sitting up and playing. He had a rough start with mom not wanting much to do with him, and then last month the older orangutan who had 'adopted' him died suddenly of old age. The keeper we saw today said that mom was doing better with him now that the responsibility is hers again. She has learned some things about parenting and isn't so scared of him.

The New Years Eve party the other night was a success- the kids had a blast. We ate birthday cake, and then ate lots of yummy soup and finger foods, played games, ate some more, talked and nibbled some more..... Julie and I had had enough of the noise about 10:45 and decided to call it an early evening. The kids were getting rowdy and a couple of the younger ones were starting to get hurt, so we figured it was time to toast the new year and put kids to bed LOL The kids didn't mind- they drank some sparkling cider and pulled the strings on lots of poppers and were content to head home to warm beds. Well, Brenna was out of sorts at having to leave, but by the time we got home in the frigid cold temperatures it was out of her system and she went to bed quietly.

I've been printing and crafting a lot this week- still have more to do too. I can't show any of it off yet though. Hopefully soon! The second New Year thing I've been seeing in lots of forums and on blogs is Ali Edward's word for the year. I've been a bit down about having to leave some of the things I did last year this week. I've got lots of new things on the horizon though to take their place, so I'm adopting the word "Embrace: to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly" as my one word for this year- looking ahead to the new things I've got ahead of me! 2008 should be an interesting year!

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Blogger my2boys said...

hi girlie. glad all is going well....and that you picked such a great word! I am still thinking of mine, lol.

great pics. man is she cuteeee. and that monkey. ahhhhh.

and I wanna know I wanna know I wannnnaaaaaaa know. stamp feet. holding breath. passing out. waking up on floor. fit throwing. begging. getting tired of being on floor. getting up. grapping soda and sitting down saying "well fine then. I will wait." ;)

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