Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas and 2007 Wrap Up

Wow, hard to believe that 2007 is nearly over. The kids are waiting anxiously for this evening as we have been invited to a birthday and new year's eve party at our friends and neighbors house. Their youngest turned one yesterday, so it is his first birthday we are celebrating before the new year's bash begins. Beth is already counting down the minutes until we can leave, and I'm sure it will start all over again once we get to the party and we are officially supposed to be counting down to midnight and the new year ;) I don't know if we will be staying until the end- their house is only down the street, so one of use needs to bring someone home early we can do that easily.

Christmas was nice. We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It is always music filled and the last song we enjoy by candle-light. There isn't any nursery during this service, so we have all of the kids with us. Sarah did pretty well, but was more than ready to go the last 15 minutes and just wanted to run up and down the aisle the last 10 minutes. After we got home we had a late supper and then the kids opened their new PJs and went to bed (except for Sarah of course). She finally fell asleep around 11:30 so that 'Santa' could finally put out the new presents.

The kids got up as soon as they were told they could, which meant 6:30 on the dot (I'm sure the older kids had their alarm clocks set). My mom had been warned that would happen, so she got up early too and made her way back to our house by 7A. We had breakfast, Breakfast casserole, Christmas Bread and hot chocolate, and then dived into the stockings and presents. Sarah's favorite gifts were from my mom- the toy cell phone that flips open and the Dora bathtub playset. Brenna loves her Island Princess Swinging Tika and Ro dolls, the twins got oodles of Littlest Pet Shop things, and Bryce got some new Bionicle Lego sets. The older kids have spent most of today on the computer upstairs playing the new games they got. They were all totally spoiled this year as I had quite a few things stashed away and I figured I had just better give out before they all outgrew them.We finally got the Little Leaps game console thing for Sarah working today- evidently I am 'technically challenged' these days and just missed the fact that it had to plugged into the little base part for it to work properly during the set up process (and we won't get into the fact that I couldn't get any of my mom's VCRs hooked up to her TVs in the most basic way so that the little kiddos could watch a show when we were unpacking things earlier this year :-P ). So, Brenna and Sarah have finally gotten to enjoy that toy a little today. My big presents this year were Photoshop Elements 6 and Adobe Lightroom software. I was very surprised by the Lightroom software as it carries the hefty pricetag of most Adobe products. I also got a book on photography from my sister and my husband actually eventured into Archivers and bought me a scrapbook idea book,
Simple Scrapbooks "the Scrapbooker's Almanac" by Elizabeth Dillow. My mom gave me money to spend as my big gift. I bought Scott Kelby's book on Lightroom with a little of it, and will probably renew my subscription to the ScrapperGuide magazine as I have gotten a lot of my subscription this last year. And there is still more left over to use for something I have yet to decide on as well.

I've not been terribly inspired in the scrapping department lately- I think having everyone home and being loud and bickering a lot of the time is keeping my creativity to a minimum. I've done a few things, most of which I can't show off quite yet. I did manage the New PJs LO I showed a bit earlier in this post and I'll post a couple more below. I haven't gotten them uploaded to any galleries yet, and I'm too lazy to copy and paste all of the credits here at the moment. I'll have to come back and put that info later.
Christmas ornaments 2007 LO with each of the kids showing off the ornaments they picked from Grandaddy's ornament box.
and here's a 2 page LO of the twins showing off their Christmas dances the week before Christmas. I played with all of the photos in Lightroom on this one- fun stuff and I love how I was able to get all of the orange tones out of the photos so that they worked better with the pink tones in the kit.

and here's one with the KV William collection:I got to pop into Archiver's yesterday afternoon after lunch and I got to see the two album sets they have there in person- very cool to see stuff by people I know in the big scrapbook store! Unfortunately, I had 3 of the kids with me and that kept me from totally savoring being there. It just reminded of why I don't go there very often and prefer shopping online these days. It didn't stop me from buying a few things though either LOL!

We have one more week of everyone on vacation and then Mark goes back to work and the kids go back to school- I can hardly wait! ;)

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Blogger Meredith said...

it sounds like you are having a good holiday season. i am glad that you were able to spend time with your mom. how was it this christmas? i have been thinking about your family. i think your pages look great, as always. but i understand the lack of inspiration. that is how i feel lately. oh well! hopefully the creativity will come back! maybe it's hiding behind the piles of boxes and bins at my house! :)

8:32 PM  
Blogger Mish said...

Great pages Melinda! I especially like the one with all the circle photos in the shape of a tree...very cool idea. I can't believe you are able to eat breakfast before opening presents on Christmas girls would never stand for that! LOL

I look forward to another year of friendship and seeing your inspiring pages. Love ya! :-)

5:18 PM  

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