Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Decorating- Outside

Mark had a fun idea Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend to go to my mom's house and decorate the outside for her so that she would be surprised when she got home from visiting my sister and her family for a week. My dad was the one who decorated the outside of their houses, and with my mom's bad ankle she can't do it herself. She had told me she was getting rid of all of the outdoor lights except for some snowflake yard stakes that she could manage on her own. Monday night after a quick dinner we loaded up our extra light strings and the kids and went a-decorating. Santa's elves also left her a container of soup for dinner Tuesday night and returned the poinsettia plant we had been babysitting while she was away.

journaling: Grandmama was gone to TX for Thanksgiving and Mark had a great idea to surprise her when she got home. Monday night we took our extra outdoor light strings, the plant she had left at our house to babysit while she was gone and a bowl of soup to her house. We had lots of fun decorating the front of the house for her knowing that she would be surprised when she returned the next day. I left a note saying that Santa’s elves had stopped by her house & started her holiday decorating.
credits: Christmas Magic by Hollie Haradon and Annie Manning (Holliewood Studios and Paint the Moon Designs) at; Black paper by Nancy Comelab from Sugar Plums by Songbird Avenue; Stamped alpha No 2 by Katie Pertiet at
fonts: CK Becky, TXT Abrasive (apostrophe on Santa's sign)

She was pleasantly surprised when she got home. We plan to help her put up the Christmas tree and whatever inside decorations she can't do herself Monday evening.

Finally after weather delays and a very busy week, we finally got our front yard decorated too today. Mark decided to fore go putting lights on the house itself this year and put some things in the yard instead.
I have a string of icicle lights I might hang in the living room window yet- but then again I might not too ;)



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wow. great fun and pics mel. love all the band and parade pics. so wonderful that you guys helped gran decorate!

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