Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Busy, as usual

and probably even more so than usual. It was the first Digital Scrapbooking Day on Saturday and just about every digiscrapping site was having some sort of celebration with special challenges and sales. I joined in a bit of the hoop-la over at scrapbookgraphics and did a bit of shopping for things that I had been wanting. We were busy doing lots of other things that day though too, so my participation was limited. I got a couple of challenge LOs done Saturday night and Sunday afternoon that I'm pretty happy with.
journaling: He’s old, beat up and dirty... but there is something special about this bear. Sarah found him in the toy box at Grandmama’s house a week ago and she has hardly put him down since. It’s always been a bit puzzling as to why he is such a good friend to little girls, he after all is plastic and not warm and fuzzy in any way. But, he was my special bear as a child and I took him everywhere with me, hence his worn appearance. Grandaddy insisted over the years that my bear needed to stay around, that his usefulness wasn’t done yet. He knew there would be another child who would find that special something in his eyes and squeaky plastic body- he was right. ~Sarah and Teddy Nov. 3, 2007
credits: Autumn Breeze Dotted Solids and Is For Round Stickers by Meredith Fenwick; Hanging heart and Frame from Bittersweet by Sylvie Sausan; Paper hearts by Jessica Bolton- torn heart from In Memory of Miles collection, proverb heart from Home Life; Love label from Quirktionary Vol. 1 by Michelle Godin; heart buttons and stitches from Thankful for Love by Kim Jensen, Scrap-A-Faire ScrapDish Designer Sampler; fonts: Clarissa and TXT Abrasive

For the DSD Studio Starts challenge at SBG. The prompt was "Why do you scrapbook digitally?". journaling: I scrap digitally because I want to preserve our family memories, both past and present. In this format I can not only scrap them for myself, but also share them with the rest of my family too. There is no reason for someone to not know our family heritage and the wonderful people that came before who have helped shape what we are today.
credits: Autumn Breeze papers by Meredith Fenwick; elements from My Hearts Delight by Doris Castle; Folded Mattes by Jen Caputo; Old News alpha by Christina Renee; fonts: TXT Brush Script and FG Gabriella

Mish gave us a new set of templates to play with Saturday night- they are 6x12 inches. It's a different size than usual, and it was fun to whip up a quick LO of us starting the christmas cookie baking a couple of weekends ago. The templates will be available at PDW on the 9th.
journaling: We got started early on our Christmas cookie baking this year. It wasn’t even halloween yet, but we were sitting around after dinner with nothing to do. I pulled out the Cooky Book to make a list of the ones I wanted to make this year and then just decided to get started. I had all of the ingredients for Snickerdoodles, my favorite and I had lots of helpers to shape the balls of dough and roll them in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. With so many helping hands we were done in no time and enjoying our treat!
credits: Handmade Christmas and Northwest Casual Alpha by Misty Cato at SBE; Slick 6x12 layered templates by Mish Gasser at Plain Digital Wrapper (coming Nov 9); fonts: Arial, Arid ITC, and TXT SantaFont

DSD was also the kickoff of the RAKscraps 3rd anniversary celebration. We have lots of sponsors who have donated over 300 prizes we will be giving out over the next couple of weeks through challenges, RAKs, and random drawings. You can check out all of the fun in this forum. I'm the host of today's food fight, and I've asked people to show me some thing they are thankful for.

Today was my altered Tuesday for November on the Girl Talk blog too. I made a Blessing Box with Dani's new sampler products for the quarter.

I was finally talked into becoming an 'official' designer at Scrapdish two weekends ago. I've spent I don't know how many hours already this week trying to figure out what in the world I'm doing, redesigning my previews, etc. I have to update all of my files still- rename, add current TOU and new previews, etc. I promised DH that I wouldn't have to do much extra if I started this and so far that has not been the case Hopefully once I get everything set up that really will be true.

I've also been getting inquiries from people about working with them doing hybrid projects- for pay!- the last couple of weeks, which is cool and intimidating all at the same time It will be interesting to see how it all works out as I get more details about what exactly they want me to do and how much of a time commitment it will all be.

Well, I think those are the major happenings at my house since I last posted. I'm swamped with trying to get my RAKs monthly contributions done on top of everything else new that is going on. All of the kids are home today as it was a district-wide teacher development day of some sort. I was glad my mom was able to watch the older kids at her house this morning so that I could still attend my bible study at church. In the past I would have had to miss the week because there is only child-care for the younger kids. We need to get to the library still, and I have to get dinner prepared early so that Mark can eat before he heads to choir practice at our church tonight. The rehearsals for the Michael Card concert continue on Wednesday evenings, the kids are all enjoying the evening programs at the church while we practice.

Well, I had better get moving- there's lots to do still today!

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I always wondered if/when you would start designing for ScrapDish. You always come up with the cutest ideas! I can't wait to see what kinds of things you put up in the store! I love your layout of Sarah and the plastic bear. The journaling is so sweet! congrats on the paid jobs! That is awesome!

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