Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Decorating- Inside

We spent Thanksgiving with our friends the Nortons- had a good afternoon and evening with them sitting around eating and talking while the kids enjoyed each other's company. I have very few pictures from Thanksgiving because I just think that pictures of people sitting around eating and talking are pretty boring from year to year, I guess. The only pictures I took this year were of Sarah feeding the dogs the dog food from their bowl- she just thought it was the funniest thing and the dogs loved the attention.

I went out late Thanksgiving night to CompUSA to pick up a couple of things during their early bird (or should I say owl?) sale from 9P-12A. That started off my Black Friday shopping expeditions, and after coming home and getting only a couple hours of sleep I headed out again to two more stores. After I got home about 9:30A, Mark and the twins headed out to go look at some things. I am mostly done with shopping now- still have a couple of things to get, but I will probably order those online. Mark had promised the kids at some point that we would get the Christmas tree put up. Despite how tired I was we pressed on. Sarah didn't quite know what to make of the whole 'putting up the tree' thing and tried to use the one branch she got ahold of as a feather duster and a tickling feather- not very effective in either case. Most of the time she just got in the way- pretty typical for a 2 year old LOL!

She loved the bead garlands and kept trying to play with them. Bead necklaces and bracelets are one of her favorite things- notice the necklace and two bracelets she is wearing in the above picture, all of which she put on herself and confiscated from her older sisters. The bracelets both have "Brenna" spelled out on them in letter beads, but I think Brenna has just given them up at this point because Sarah is always wearing them ;)
and this is the two-year old not getting her way when I told her she couldn't take the ornaments off the tree and play with them.
The girls were all enamored with the Christmas pyramid I got out this year. I haven't gotten all of our handmade German decorations out in several years, so they didn't remember them.
our decorated fireplace
the tree. The kids did a a good job hanging the ornaments this year, I hardly had to help at all and have pretty much only moved a few things around as Sarah gets a hold of ones she shouldn't.
As we didn't go on a big vacation this year, the ornament we added to the tree is a pretty peacock in honor of the gorgeous birds we see at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo all year long.

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Blogger Robin said...

Wow!!!! Love all the decorations! :) I can't believe how much you've all gotten done (and how nice that you decorated your mom's house too!). We've been so busy with Randi's move and our house is still so cluttered with her stuff. Not sure when we'll have time to get the decorations out! So maybe I'll have to come visit you! LOL!

6:16 PM  
Blogger skyescrapz said...

The fireplace decorations look so beautiful I just want to sit and look at the picture for hours. Love the peacock ornament too... Gorgeousness. Wish I had even THOUGHT about my decorations yet, but I haven't... ;)

11:25 AM  
Blogger slkone said...

Hey! I have that same peacock! We have similar tastes - great minds think alike LOL!

10:27 AM  

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