Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LO with All Boy by Corina Nielsen and Anne DeJong

journaling: Bryce received Rescue Heroes and cars for Christmas this year. His favorite was the Rescue Hero Robot that walked, talked and could pick up things. The remote contral car a close second.
credits: All Boy All The Time by Corina Nielsen and Anne DeJong at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; Paper Scraps by Anne DeJong, blog freebie; Heavy-duty staples by Kate Hadfield at The-LilyPad; fonts: Misprinted Type, Batik Regular

I had to go digging a bit to find these pictures of DS getting robots and cars for Christmas. It's always interesting to dig up older photos, as I can see how much my photography skills have improved over the years. These were taken with our first digital camera and the resolution is not very high, so I didn't want to crop the pictures as that is as big as they get when you only have a 2 megapixel camera (which at the time was pretty good LOL). So, I left all of the distracting mess in the background so that the pictures wouldn't get lost on the LO.

I'm still buried under piles of things that need to be tagged to take the MOPS garage sale tomorrow. The end is coming into sight though, finally. It is amazing how many clothes and shoes 5 kids can accumulate, and outgrow, in just 6 months! The biggest pile left is all of the toys and dolls the twins want to sell to clean out their room a little.

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