Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Halloween fun

Sophia Sarducci has a fun new item up at the CRD block party this week- vintage halloween masks. You can do lots of fun things with them, besides the obvious use as a scrapbook page embellishment which they are great for as well. Here's what I did with them:
I made a Halloween party invitation and put a miniature size mask on the front. (no we are not really having a Halloween party, the kids were quite disappointed when I told them it was all just pretend). The invites sure do look cute though!
The papers and cat face garland I used are from Funky Halloween kit by Sophia Sarducci at

I printed the 5 different masks out and made some simple 'Happy Halloween' signs in the same size and then strung them together with black and orange ribbon to make a party banner.

and you can print them out just as they are and use them as real masks! Sarah loved the owl mask and was running around the house flapping her arms and saying "hoo hooooo" and "I'm an owl" for a couple of hours. She is so cute!

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Blogger clc said...

Love your invitation and banner! Sarah is pretty stinkin' cute in that mask too!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is so adorable in her owl mask!!! Great ideas :)!!! - Jess

7:14 PM  

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