Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Savannah scrapbook pages

I've started the process of scrapbooking all of the photos I took. Here are the first pages I've completed so far.
I think this tree and moss picture has to be one of my absolute favorites. It was really unusual to see the ferns growing on the tree limb like that- I don't remember seeing that anywhere else. This tree was in Forsyth Park.
credits: by Kim Broedelet- lace and branching out 2; papers by me; fern fronds by Dana Frantz from Impressions of Comfort at; font: Majestic

journaling: One of my favorite sights while walking around Savannah was the many different types of lamps in the parks, on the streets, and perched on houses next to their doors.From the giant lamp in Emmett Park that guided ships in and out of the harbor to the smallest house lamps, each spoke the words ‘welcome home’ to me.
credits: Impressions of Comfort by SBG designers; fonts: Bickley Script and TXT Romanesque

credits: Lemonade, Sketch #3, and Office Dates by Holly McCaig; Build-a-Bloom by Christina Renee; Grunge Photo Templates 1 by Tracy Rivera at SBB; font: Majestic

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Blogger Ramie :-) said...'re not wasting any time huh?! Love the pages. Your pics are stunning! We're only about 3hrs from Savannah....have been down there once and hoped to go again this fall, but DH has to deploy we're not going anywhere fun :-( Next spring for sure though!

9:05 PM  
Blogger candy said...

i love how you added lace! very nice!


8:16 AM  
Blogger Kim B said...

OOOH WOW- LOVE the lo's and the use of the lace is just a stunning touch- thanks so much-

11:06 PM  
Blogger CathyRose said...

These pages are just beautiful. I love Savannah and you got some gorgeous photos!

8:26 PM  

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