Sunday, September 07, 2008

scrapping fool today

I don't remember the last time I've gotten quite so many LOs done in two days. There are a couple I can't show off quite yet, but here are 3 I got done today. Yes, three in one day- I know, I'm surprised too especially since we did go to church this morning LOL

The first two are from our evening at my cousin Jamie's house on vacation when we got the kiddie pool out and the girls had fun splashing for about an hour.
My favorite pic:
credits: Waterpark by Sophia Sarducci at; American Glitters by Redju at; fonts: Holy Cow

and a page with a series of shots- love the pic of Sarah with the hose on Brenna on this one:
journaling: Brenna, Sarah and Brooklyn had so much fun splashing and playing together in the backyard kids’ pool- a perfect bit of summer fun enjoyed together!
credits: Waterpark by Sophia Sarducci and Mama Mia at; Impressions of Motherhood template by Jen Caputo at; Text Bytes- Shaped Text Templates No. 4 by Patti Knox at; fonts: Holy Cow, Times New Roman

and one with my BIL's hunting tropies that I snitched copies of off of my sister's camera card when she was here visiting this summer. I hear that the actual trophies are not allowed in the main house (not that I disagree with my sister on the point as I wouldn't want them in my living room either), but maybe a scrapbook page might be allowed. I'm still bugging her for copies of their Disney pictures from a year ago ::hint hint:: I just might scrap some of them for you, Megan! :P
credits: Huntin' Man and Boy Page Strippers by Sophia Sarducci at; Summer Potentialities alpha by Jessica Bolton at; fonts: 28 Days Later

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