Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ominplex - the first pages

whew! last layout with pictures from the Omniplex ;) I was working on these backwards for whatever reason, so this is actually the set of pages that will be first in the vacation album.
journaling: I have lots of memories of the Omniplex- MommyPat would bring us to visit it and the zoo next door during our summer to trips to see her in OKCity. Lots of things have changed, but there are still some exhibits that I remember from 25 years ago- the gravitram 2 is one of those. It was one of my favorites and I would sit and watch the balls moving in their never-ending circles inside the glass case at the beginning and end of every visit.
There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Omniplex. They have exhibits on health sciences- a big mouth where you can learn all about your teeth, an electron microscope display, and an area about choosing a healthy diet, an area on the oil industry as it is an important part of the Oklahoma economy, a kids’ play and exploration area with a huge water table to splash and play in, dinosaurs, a large model train display and a real set of coach railway cars where you can see what it is like to travel in style on the rails, a large space exhibit with real rocket engines and space capsules and simulators, tree houses to climb and play on, and a rockin’ live demonstration of the science of fire and explosions. It’s hands-on learning at it’s best!
We stood and watched this display for almost 10 minutes. The ball is controlled under the table by a computerized arm with a magnet, and it rolls around the table top forming concentric geometric patterns in the sand overwriting the last one as it forms the new picture.
credits: by Flergs at from July 08 Grabbag: papers 2, Metals, Overlays; Garage Daze Green alpha (recolored); from Evilicious: alpha and stamped frame; fonts: TXT Monique

I've got several new CT kits to work with, so expect more pages soon!

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