Monday, August 25, 2008

Omniplex Gadget Trees

This was the kids favorite exhibit at the Omniplex in OKCity.
journaling: This was a new exhibit at the Omniplex, built as part of the Oklahoma Centennial Project that teaches kids about how science enriches their every day lives through the use of simple machines such as levers and pulleys and the use of natural products in building materials. Of course the kids think it is all fun and games as they climb, totter, slide, swing, and hoist and throw balls at each other- ours certainly did!
credits: LO Template #13 by Yin Designs; Toolbox 5 Element Templates by TracyBlankenship at; Thrifty Solids Collection by Jessica Bolton at; apple from Under the Apple Tree by Jofia Devoe; I Can See Clearly layer styles by Misty Cato; grass from Rain Rain by Kristen Aagard; cracked paint action by Atomic Cupcake; Staple Stash by Maya at; fonts: TXT Abrasive

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