Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The twins' birthday party is only a few days away

Nothing much new happening here- the girls were all out of school Monday and Tuesday because of testing days at school. They had all been tested during the previous week though, so they didn't have to go to school. We celebrated the twins' birthday with my mom on Thursday, and that was when they received their gifts from family. Grandmomma gave them MP3 players along with a little spending money, they got drawing and coloring Klutz books from their cousins, I gave them each a Hannah Montana watch and some new albums- Miley Cyrus' new album, Camp Rock, and the Jonas Brothers first album- and Daddy gave them new bicycles. He hadn't actually had time to get the bicycles yet, so I made some little cards to present to them instead. They didn't get it at first LOL They spent the afternoon out with him on Saturday picking them out. We went shopping after our visit to the library yesterday afternoon and they used their money from Grandmomma to buy the new Jonas Brothers album and the Hannah Montana 3D concert DVD. We've been listening to lots of Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus around here ;) Their official birthday party is Friday night and they are very much looking forward to that.

Here are my latest scrapbook pages:
journaling: The end of the year science project for the 4th grade is the annual egg drop. All of the kids devise some sort of protective wrapping for a raw egg, and then the custodian drops them off of the roof of the school. Success is measured by the egg surviving the drop uncracked. The first time Beth’s egg was dropped, a classmate caught it before it hit the ground, so they had to do it again. Beth’s egg was intact after it’s second fall off the roof, so she had a success too!
credits: by Chere Kaye at Funky PlaygroundDesigns: Book Cover alpha, Grammar Time, Everyday Basics- Neutrals, Layering Templates 1, Everyday Basics- Cardstock, Office Finishers, Everyday Basics- Classic Frames, tape from Joey in the Coffeehouse Friends Collection, yellow string from Summer Breeze, felt and button stack from Trick or Treat mini (recolored), Triple Dipped Stitches the basics #2
by Rina Kroes at Scrapbook-elements: stringed flowers from Mellow on My Mind; fonts: CK Chocolate Sundae

I did a similar page for Carissa with her pictures. You can see that one HERE if you want to.

And a few more pics from my days at CHA. It was a very happy circumstance when I saw Flergs' newest kit release over the weekend and realized that it perfectly matched the outfits that Jen, Jeanine, Oriana, Robin and I were wearing the second day of the show. I remember looking at the picture on the back of the camera and commenting on what a pretty color combo we all made together. I was right thinking it would make a nice scrapbooking kit!
journaling: There's nothing quite like getting to meet on-line friends in person. I've known Jen, Jeanine, Robin, Connie and Oriana for years, and now I can say that I really have met them.
credits: Dusk to Dawn, String Em In Alpha Gold, and Sugar & Spice alpha (recolored) by Flergs at; fonts: CK Becky

journaling: I had so much fun hanging out with Robin at CHA in Chicago for two days. We stayed up late to watch movies (love Patrick Dempsey!), scrap and chat. I wish we lived closer so that we could do this more often!
credits: Dusk to Dawn and Sugar & Spice alpha (recolored) by Flergs at; fonts: CK Becky

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