Saturday, August 16, 2008

2 new layouts today

journaling: I wonder how much school supplies have changed over the years? I suspect for kindergarteners, probably not much. The supplies are still pretty basic- crayons, pencils, paint, paper and glue. They use glue sticks now instead of liquid glue, and baby wipes and liquid hand sanitizer instead of soap.
credits: Preschool Palooza by Emily Powers and Kate Hadfield at; notepaper from Outnumbered Girl by Jessica Bolton at; paper strip from Teacher's Pet by Bren Boone at;
fonts: 2Peas Dear Diary, CK Curly Cursive

journaling: Brooklyn and Brenna had so much fun playing together during our evening at the Guthrie’s house, as they usually don’t have someone their age to play with. The first thing they did was get out all of the My Little Ponies, but during the evening I think they played with nearly every toy Brooklyn owned. Brenna didn’t want to leave and wanted to know when she would be able to play with Brooklyn again.
credits: Monica from Coffeehouse Friends Collection by Chere Kaye at; Spell It! Plastic Beads by Kim Jensen at; Transformers by Lauren Reid at; Date It by Amber Clegg at
fonts: CK June Bug Louise

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Blogger whatkatiedid said...

Wow, what beautiful layouts! I love the blending work in the Pretty Ponies page - what an adorably girlie layout! It's lovely! Fun idea to document school supplies too, thank you for using my kit!

6:31 AM  

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