Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more Omniplex layouts

one more 2 page layout and I'll actually be done with this set of photos from our vacation.
journaling: The “ExploraZone” room was filled with displays on the science of optical illusions, with explanations of both the physical and biological processes that contribute to them. It is always fun to watch things move when they really don’t, and trick your brain in many other ways to see neat effects. Though most of the exhibits are geared towards the older kids who can read instructions and understand the explanations, even Sarah and Brenna found some things they could have fun with with a little bit of help.
credits: Wild Thing by Jill D-Zines at; Template 10 by Yin Designs; fonts: Whats Happened, TXT Romanesque

journaling: Science really is one of those things that is best observed and not just read about in a book. We saw quite a few explosion demonstrations during our trip this year, but this one at the Omniplex was the best! The scientist had a fun, witty humor, cool music, and of course lots of cool experiments and loud noises during the demonstrations of the three requirements for fire- oxygen, heat, and fuel. All three of the older kids were picked to go up on stage to help out with some of the demonstrations. Beth got to dance with him on stage twice while shaking some ethanol to volatilize it for a loud explosion and dramatic swinging of the jug. Bryce and Carissa helped with the demonstration of what happens to hydrogen gas when exposed to flame. He created the gas by placing a piece of aluminum foil in a bottle of hydrochloric acid and putting a balloon on top to catch the gas. It’s explosive nature was part of the proof that it was indeed hydrogen gas contained in the balloon.
credits: Wild Thing by Jill D-Zines at; Teeny Tags Alpha by Jessica Bolton at; Date It! and Spell It! Plastic Beads by Kim Jensen at; Template 46 by Yin Designs; fonts: Tall Paul

thanks to Jill who sent me her fun new kit, Wild Thing, to scrap with!

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