Wednesday, October 08, 2008

more Savannah scrapbook pages

Fountain’s free flow
Spraying the surround
Creating minuscule of glow
Where light reflects, on waters around!

Twilight touches the earth
Chirping birds music provide
Arm in arm…to the berth
Music of harmony unearthed! !
-excerpted from “Fountain” by Malini Kadi
journaling: Most squares in Savannah did not boast water features, but there were a charming few that did along with some private gardens.
credits: Savannah Moss, Vintage Alpha, Vintage Labels (journaling strips made from these) and Metal Dates by Holly McCaig; Worn Overlays and Worn Overlays 2 by Something Blue Studios at; flower and leaves from Antique Dreams by Camila Designs at; font: Natural Script

journaling: This picture stole my heart from the first moment I saw it - a reminder that all of the beautiful houses I was walking by in Savannah were where families lived, played and loved together.
credits: by Vinnie Pearce: white paper from Thank you kit (blended into photo), challenge 1 template; by Meredith Fenwick at scrapbookgraphics: patterned papers from Good Day Everyday Inspiration Collection, flourish from Everyday Inspiration Crop Treat, Sunset elements from the Day Dreams Collection; Ultimate Stitches Not So Basic by Dani Mogstad; date stamps by Amber Clegg; font: TXT Romanesque

journaling: Rainbow Row on Bay St., Charleston, S. Carolina- all of the painting and drawings you see are interpretations of it as it used to look. There are many trees along the sidewalk blocking the view of the houses and it no longer runs along the edge of the bay as the city has been following land reclamation for many years. It is still a pretty view with the colorful houses lining the street. The slate roof tile we bought actually came from the roof of one of the rainbow row houses and was torn off during a hurricane.
credits: Weekend Getaway Collection, Impressed Gems 'n Stems, Impressed Character Reference, and Wallflower Alpha by Dianne Rigdon at; Worn Overlays and Worn Overlays 2 by Something Blue Studios at; font: Majestic

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Love your photos and your layouts! Looks like a great trip!

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