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March & April Scrapbook Pages

Sarah_Playdate_2-29-12  journaling: Sarah and Sophia make quite the pair, conspiring together to arrange playdates while talking on the phone after school. Finally us moms had to agree and they spent two afternoons at each others’ houses having a wonderful time playing hide-and-seek, making pizza for lunch and playing with ponies and Barbies. It’s wonderful to have a friend who lives just down the street.
Pinky Swear Whole Shebang Bundle by Maya at; Jen Caputo Collection 29 (retired); font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

I started taking a tap class this fall. It's been a challenge in a lot of ways- a good one, but still something I have had to work at. It works muscles of the mind as well as of the body We started learning choreography for a dance (no, we are not performing it at recital :P ), and this is a little motivational piece for myself to keep working at it when I get frustrated with myself. It's an old The Ventures song, No Matter What Shape, which given our varied shapes and sizes and ages in this class we thought it particularly appropriate Melinda_NoMatterYourShape  credits: at Studio Mix #19 - Glorious Visions by The Studio Girls, Tangie's Paperworn Art Styles; tap shoe stamp is my own

journaling: We received a last minute email during spring break from Mr. Freark asking for help with a project that would be used to fund robotics and NJHS clubs next year- planting and growing xeriscape friendly flowers for yards. So Elizabeth went to help and we dragged Carissa along too. Brenna, Sarah and I helped a bit later after running some errands. Many hands make light work, and we got all of the seeds planted in just two and a half hours.

credits: at scrapbookgraphics:
Shabby Garden by Lorilei Murphy, Greymouse Manor Winter Ball (with Everything In It!) (frame) by Lorie Davison, Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter; Cinque by Little Green Frog Designs at
font: Chromosome Heavy, Typewriter, Custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: Excitement fills the air when a rainstorm arrives, and then the umbrellas and rainboots come out of the closet. Brenna and Sarah loved being able to walk home from school in the rain. 8-29-2009
Springity Spring by Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield at; Grungy Month Brushes by Michelle Coleman
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: Everything old is new again at some point, and soft serve yogurt is back again. There are lots more flavor and topping choices than when I was a kid, and it is self-serve. You have to be careful about how much you get because it quickly adds up! iTop It is just down the hill from our house. The kids love getting coupons for free cups of yogurt from school for good behavior because they can go crazy and get anything they want.
at TLP: by Kim Jensen:
Dotrageous 1, Zigzagged Paper Alpha, Bloomin' Stuffed, Because I Said Sew, Pinnned Purple Paper Dates, Date It! Plastic Beads, Springity Spring Elements; Bring on the Cake by Karah Fredricks, Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winiecki; Summer Staycation by Kate Hadfield; Kitschy Kamera by Lauren Grier and Valorie Wibbens (smily face);
Rebel Rock and Wear a Flower by Pixel Works (paint, retired); Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at
Fashion Show Template by Denise Beatty at
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

A week-long photo hunt challenge for the grand opening of the One Story Down scrapbook site inspired this page. 5 photo prompts were posted each day- one word that you could interpret any way you wanted photographically. I was usually inspired by 3 or 4 of the prompts each day. It was like a mini P365 on fast-forward.April2012PhotoHunt credits:
Bird on a Wire by Misty Mareda
Lauren Reid: Happy Place, Blocked Out, Bean Juice, Kitschy Kamera with Valorie Wibbons, 365 Remembered Vol. 2 January (green flower), 365 Remembered Vol. 2 February (football charm)
template by Mel Wilson for One Story Down Photo Hunt
Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin, Fulton Artistamp

Journaling: It’s always one of our favorite places to stop at the zoo- the Budgie house to see the room filled with beautiful birds, feed a few, and maybe have one land on your head. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
credits: at
Studio Mix 21- Grow Green and Studio Mix 21- Grow Green Add-on by The Studio Girls, Blended Template Bundle 12 by Rosey Posey font: SBC Distressed Typewriter

and Michelle Godin is designing again! woot woot! She has all sorts of delicious hand-crafted scrap goodies made digital for those of us who prefer not to get messy when we scrap ;)

credits: at by Michelle Godin- {Pink & Blue} Mixed Media Backgrounds, Painted Patterns- Chevrons, Sloppy Stencils, April Challenge Freebie, Funky Junky Family Tree (branch, blue button), Grungy Canvas, as Pixel Works, retired- where Are We (compass), Melts My Heart (painted circle); by Amy Martin- Needed More Stitching 2; by Kim Jensen- Cord Crazy Lines
Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Carissa_Upwards_3-28-12 credits: by Michelle Godin at Painted Patterns- Chevrons, I Heart You, Just My Type Alpha, Inner Peace (Facebook Fan freebie); Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Sarah_KindergartenFun_2-14-  journaling: Kindergarten is Fun ...especially when it is Valentine’s Day and there is a party during the last hour of school. The kids are always excited to have parents and siblings come for a visit in the classroom. They danced and sang their songs they had learned about love for everyone. They had decorated Valentine bags and gave gave each of their classmates one in return. Sarah was so excited to get her own this year and had fun pulling them out one by one and reading them. Some of them even had treats attached. The kids had written special letters to Mrs. Rogers during a week she was gone and when she read each one she had them come up and stand by her so that she could say thank you right then.
credits: at TLP- by Michelle Godin:
Chasing Rainbows Paper Pack, Chasing Rainbows Mixed Media, Grungy Canvas, Hand-Carved Stamps, Sloppy Stencils; by Kim Jensen: Paint It White Alpha
font: FO Messy Bessy, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: Funky Junky Family Tree by Michelle Godin, Kate Hadfield and Rachel Young at; font: Custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: Sarah got tree seeds with her Lorax breakfast. She planted them and was thrilled when one of them sprouted. She is convinced she is growing a Truffula tree.
credits: at by Michelle Godin-
Sew Artsy 2, Sew Artsy Journal Cards, Sloppy Stencils, as Pixel Works (retired) Tiny Dymo Alpha; Springity Spring by Kim Jensen and Kate Hadfield; Because I Said Sew by Kim Jensen; Here to There by Jacque Larsen and Emily Merritt
fonts: SP You've Got Mail, Ticket Capitals Impressed

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