Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #24-26

Since the Snapshot posts got a little behind throughout the year, we were on warp speed in December to get them all up before 2012 came to an end. So, here are the last 3 pages to round out my Snapshot  2012 album. I guess I’m going to have to come up with some sort of cover for it now so I can get it printed and out of the virtual world.

Snapshot 24 is about the things you are thankful for right now. I listed a few along with a picture of the family at Thanksgiving this year.

journaling: Thanksgiving 2012- I’m so thankful this year for a family who loves me, good health, a place to live, clothes to wear, and enough for the extras that make living fun and special.
credits: Captivated Visions -
Captivated 2012 November and All Stacked Up Backgrounds Vol 7; font: Snowshoe

 Snapshot 25 asks you to write a letter to the future. I chose to write down a few things I want the kids to know. I hope I have made it clear over the years, but it never hurts to put it down in writing too ;)

journaling: A few things I want my children to know before they grow up and leave our house:
*Believe in yourself and what you can do. Too many things today try to tell us that we can have or do something if only we change ourselves in some way to fit an ideal set by society. We all have worth just the way we are. If someone can’t accept you like you are, then they aren’t worth your time and attention.
*Find the things you enjoy and are good out and then pursue them. It may not always be easy, but you should enjoy what you do and the people who you are around.
*Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't. — Rikki Rogers.
Just the Way You Are by Blagovesta Goshova at; Grow With Love Letters- February by Crystal Livesay; font: CK Becky

Snapshot 26 is the final one, and it’s an all about me page to record who this snapshot of the year is about.

Snapshot2012-26whoamI  journaling: Being a Stay At Home Mom wasn’t in my long-term plans when I was growing up. I had planned a career, but once I held my first child in my arms my priorities changed. Right now my days are filled by and revolve around what the kids need and want to do. I get frustrated sometimes at having so little time to myself. It can be quite boring cooking and cleaning and being the family taxi driver.  When I start to think negatively, I remind myself that I chose this, and that I’m privileged to be able to be at home full-time. Above all, I’m happy to be able to be there for my family, even when it is not all roses. I wouldn’t have it otherwise.
Big Heart by Rosey Posey at; Grow With Love Letters- August by Crystal Livesay; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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