Wednesday, April 17, 2013

January & February 2013 Layout Pages

 sandhillcranes_11-18-11  credits: at by Kim Jensen- Temperamental Painted Papers, Sketchy Alpha, Button Strings, Random Moments Elements(mesh), Srsly Stoked (with Kate Hadfield, sketched border); Michelle Godin- Just Because Papers; Amy Martin- Needed More Stitching 2; One Little Bird- For the Birds (feather scatter, retired); bird shapes by ~lukeroberts at; font: AJF Tweedledee

E&C_AdvFenix_NightIsNowuponUs_May2012  credits: Studio Mix 38: Handful of Love by The Studio Girls at; font: CK Becky

credits: by Michelle Godin at Build Your Wings with Melita Bloomer, Handcarved Stamps

journaling: There were periods of time when the kids were younger that I would have given a heck of a lot just to get out of the house for a little while. Now that they are all older and have lots of activities that keep us busy, I look forward to the times when all we have to do is stay home- no appointments, no classes, no meetings, nothing to have to watch the clock for..... nothing to do but sit and be still and relax. Being together is good, but being alone is pretty good too!
Fun With Shapes by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Company; Home by Kaye Winiecki and Studio Basic at; Needed More Stitching by Amy Martin at;
font: Chromosome Heavy, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: FIRST is a huge challenge each year- Design and build a robot that can accomplish the 2 or more difficult tasks in the year’s challenge, all in just 6 weeks. The scrimmage at Coronado didn't go as planned, it's never a good thing to be told that you misread a rule and your robot isn't legal to do what you need it to do. But, at least we found out about it in time to fix it before Stop Build Day. So, it was back to the Fab to reduce the height by 12 inches instead of being able to practice with the robot on the field. We can do it. Don't let the backward steps keep you from moving forward.
Studio Mix 40: Life Is a Journey and Studio Mix 40: Life Is a Journey Flair by The Studio Girls at; Angled by Crystal Livesay at Pixels and Company; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: I got up on the morning of Valentine’s Day to find Mark bringing in this beautiful boquet of a dozen red roses. Added to the poem Sarah wrote for us and the stack of chocolates and other candy treats I had for the kids, we had quite a pile of sweetness on the table.
credits: at
On Chalkboard: First Love and On Chalkboard: First Love Alpha (blog freebie) by Palvinka, Volterra Glitters by Flergs; Lots of Love by Crystal Livesay at; font: custom print by Darcy Baldwin

Sarah_GisforGiraffe_7-7-12 journaling: The giraffe area of African Safari at the zoo is usually our first stop when we get to the zoo. The giraffes are always friendly and come up to say hello. Yes, they are looking for crackers or lettuce, but even if you don’t have food they will stay long enough for you to pet them on the nose.
credits: by Michelle Godin at
Wild Thing with Paula Kesselring, Big Stampy Alphas, Teeny Tiny Alphas; Monogram Pagemap from
font: Blackout, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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