Tuesday, July 11, 2006

so much busy-ness I can hardly keep up

We made it back to Colombus tonight and the rain started to fall just as we finished dinner at a pizza place down the road from the hotel. I almost never show off unfinished LOs, but since I started this one to put together some of the pics from several days before and it still isn't done I figured I would go ahead. It has no journaling, I'm still not happy with some of the elements and title.... but since I am using a kit that is in the works I need some more time to come up with the parts I am lacking ;) I am taking way too many pictures of fun cool stuff and have spent most of my computer time the last few days getting them into the catalog and tagged. Sarah's and Brenna's sleeping patterns are totally screwed up from this trip and Sarah wakes up every couple of hours at night and won't go back to sleep unless I nurse her. I will be glad to get home this weekend. Anyway, here are some pics from our days in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

and a few more pics I couldn't fit on the LO


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