Thursday, January 10, 2008

photos for the 8th and 10th

from January 8- Sarah and her bears. She is wearing the shirt that Grandmama gave her for Christmas.
I do have some photos from the 9th, just can't show them off yet since they are of a project I was working on ;)

from today (the 10th)- Brenna and Sarah in the van on our way to the dance shop to get Beth a new pair of tap shoes.
I was not terribly thrilled with having to run this errand as the reason she needed a new pair was because she lost one of her tap shoes before Christmas.... between paying for the semester tuition, 4 costumes, new tights and now another pair of tap shoes, the credit card statement is now much larger than normal.

this is the wall of pointe shoes that is right near the front door- one of the two (the wall of black pointe shoes is to the left of the mirror you can see in the photo). I just love seeing them all lined up. So, today I took a picture. I'm sure the shop workers thought me a bit odd for stopping to take a picture of a wall of ballet shoes, but that's not unusual LOL
(I'm loving Lightroom- the colors on the photo as it came off of the camera were way off and I think I've got the soft pink of the shoes close to what it should be now.)

Do you want a tiny peek at the things I've been working on for a month and can't show you quite yet? click here
Just a few more days before the grand opening on the 15th!

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Blogger Latharia said...

Love the wall of ballet shoes -- good for you, getting that photo! :) I also get funny looks when I drag my camera into everyday places! :D

9:05 PM  

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