Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just some random thoughts

It's been a while since I updated here, so I'm just going to do this list style:

The flowers are finally starting to come out here in full force. I noticed the neighbor's tree was filled with gorgeous pink flowers and spilling over the fence into our yard, which I certainly don't mind!

I scrapped with one of my NSD purchases yesterday:

credits: Chatty by Misty Cato; by Dani Mogstad: acrylic notes from Pop Rocks, felt notes from Rock Star, Alpha from MVP; acrylic shadow layer style by Traci Reed; music paper border by Brigit Kerr; photo curl and photo cluster actions by Flergs; scraplift of "Hesitant" by Karen Wong at DST
The HMS bands and choirs are going to Ehlitch Garden Saturday for a contest. Bryce has to be at the school ready to go at 5:45A as they play at 8:00. They then get to spend the rest of the day at the park. When the information about what he needs to bring, where to be, finally came home yesterday it said that one of us needs to go up to the park with him. That was not made clear in the previous information we got. So, Mark was elected to go, and is not terribly thrilled about as now he has to pay full price for a ticket since we can't buy them through the school for a discount any more. I guess we will know better next time. I will be taking the girls to a wedding at our church that afternoon.

Sarah has been moved up to a bigger car seat. The lower sides on this one let her reach out and touch Brenna more easily. The two of them are either picking on and hitting each other or they are being sweet and holding hands. Usually the fighting precedes the being sweet part.
Beth had been complaining about being dizzy and having headaches for a few weeks at school, so I took her in for an eye exam. She now has new glasses as of Monday. She only needs them for reading things at a distance- like the blackboard as she sits in the back of the room- so far, but given how bad her mother's eyes are I figure she will be wearing them permanently before too long.
Yes, everyone's bangs are getting long. We have haircuts scheduled for next week.

Brenna being cute last night. Brenna had her well checkup with the pediatrician this morning and got 4 immunization shots. We went and turned in her kindergarten registration papers right after the appointment since all we were waiting on was the physical report and an updated shot record. She is very excited to start school in August.
Bryce (and Mama) can't wait for school to be over in two weeks. It is hard to believe that the year is about done though. Bryce has another big science project to get finished up (I can't believe his teacher assigned this much work at the end of the school year -grrr!). One of the things he has to do is an experiment. The option we chose for him to do was to study the effect of water, namely the lack of, on plant growth. His experiment is lined up on the middle of the dining room table for the next week and a half. He still has to write a report on another subject that is completely unrelated to this too. Is school over yet?
Bryce had his quarterly check-up (we go that often because of the medication he takes for his hyperactivity). He is now officially as tall as his mother. The next time he has a growth spurt, I will be looking up at him.

And just to be fair since I've shown off pictures of everyone else, here is one of Carissa playing in the backyard last night.
Carissa and Beth have both passed their end of the year tap evaluations and will be able to move up to the next class in the fall (Carissa was the first one in the class to pass, Beth and one other girl passed last week). Their teacher wants them to try out for the tap ensemble next year- Mark and I have to discuss that yet. Of course they both want to do it. I'm sure they would enjoy it. It means three dance classes next year, extra rehearsals, more costumes, performances around town, and going to dance competitions. Lots more time and money no matter how you look at it ;) I ended up signing up as stage mom for the big recital in June for their tap class. I'm still trying to figure all that out and how I might be able to sneak up to the stage to see their ballet class performance. I guess Grandmama gets to take pictures for me this year if she is willing to tag along to the dress rehearsal.

I think that is about it for now. See ya!

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It was great catching up with you, I've been a terrible blog reader lately, sorry! Sounds like you're busy too! Love those layouts and congrats on the one picked up for publication!

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