Monday, October 13, 2008

scrapbook pages- Savannah, Monsters and Thanksgiving

A few layouts from our Savannah trip- these first two are actually pictures from our night and day in Charleston. We ate at Bubba Gumps our first evening there and it was delicious and the atmosphere was very unique!
journaling: After a long day spent at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Savannah and then driving to Charleston in our rented PT Cruiser, finding a hotel and sightseeing on Sullivan's Island and Fort Moultrie we were hungry and ready to eat! We found Bubba Gump’s and were seated right away. After starting with an order of Hush pups, Melinda ordered the "I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp - shrimp stuffed with crab, baked in garlic butter and topped with Monterey Jack cheese. Mark ordered the Cajun Shrimp -Shrimp Sauted in a hot and spicy Cajun Butter Sauce and served with jasmine rice and garlic bread for dipping. We had been eyeing the chocolate cookie sundae for dessert, but were much too full after eating our main dishes. The Forrest Gump memorabilia, pictures are props were fun to look at, we enjoyed chatting with our waitress, and we would go back again!
credits: background and restaraunt ephemera by me; photo frame by Nancy Comelab; tape by Black Squirrel Designs; Stationeries paper by Linda GilBildal at; starfish from Me Hearties by Clever Crow Designs and Berry Me In the Sand by Amy Hutchinson; rubon action by Atomic Cupcake; font: CK June Bug Louise

I loved the decor of the Palmetto Carriage Tours barn- an actual red barn right off Market street where all of the tours start.
journaling: There was a rooster wandering around the carriage barn- he was looking for handouts from waiting guests, but he would let you pet him briefly too. I also liked the rooster sculptures perched in the rafters around the barn. A cute sign in the outer courtyard where the mules are tethered during their breaks. The carriage company uses mule teams to pull their carriages- ours were named Lucy and Sully. We spent Sunday morning touring downtown historic Charleston. We spent Sunday morning touring downtown historic Charleston. We opted to take a carriage tour to save my aching feet a bit (I had a rather large blister on my left foot from all of the walking in Savannah and the cobblestone and tabby sidewalks weren't helping) and we got to hear local history and stories that we wouldn't otherwise learn about.
credits: Caleb and Stacey from the Young Love Collection by Chere Kaye at funkyplaygrounddesigns; Brazen Borders by Tracy Blankenship at funkyplaygrounddesigns; string (recolored) by Catherine Designs from Happy Hour collab at After5Designs; font: CK Becky

Now it's back to Savannah with pictures of the Owens-Thomas house we toured on Monday.
journaling: After admiring all of the houses in the historic district from the outside, I chose this one as the one I wanted to tour on Monday. No photographs were allowed inside the house, and I doubt I need to say that it was beautiful and a great way to peek into the history of Savannah.
credits: Marilla Collection by Michelle Godin and Wrought Iron element from Measure of a Man by Birgit Kerr at;
font: ILS Script

credits: Marilla Collection by Michelle Godin at; font: ILS Script

Photos from the special exhibit at the St. Louis Science Museum this summer on movie monsters and animatronics.
journaling: After lunch we got tickets to the special exhibit called "Monsters" which explored the
world of movie monsters and animatronics. There were lots of scary monsters there, but Sarah didn't seem bothered by them since they were still and didn't make noise. With everything from creepy, scary monsters to fuzzy and cute animals there was something in this exhibit to entertain everyone. There was a movie that showed us how they sculpt, form, and animate the creatures, as well as lots of signs and photos with the models themselves. We saw models from many movies including George of the Jungle 2, Peter Pan, Nim’s Island, Inspector Gadget 2, Pitch Black, Oceans of Fire, Racing Stripes, and Wolfman, among others. -St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO
credits: Closet Monsters by Victoria Greenlees and Holly McCaig at Chirpi Creative Digital Scrapbooking; Template 68 by Yin Designs; fonts: 2Peas Dear Diary

and some cute photos of Sarah feeding the Nortons' dogs last Thanksgiving. It is amazing how bad I am at taking photos during Thanksgiving- these are the only ones I took last year and they are of one child feeding the dogs dog food by hand LOL I guess I need to do a better job this year- anyone who will be there is fore-warned-- the camera will be out and snapping this year!!
journaling: Sarah thought that the dogs at the Nortons were the best thing about Thanksgiving dinner. She followed and chased them around and around the house the whole time we were there. She tried sampling their dog food, and got upset when we told her it wasn’t for her to eat. Everything was OK though once she understood that it was the dogs’ food and it was alright for her to feed it to the dogs. She spent about half an hour feeding them one piece of food at a time- even the dogs must have thought that was pretty neat since they went along with it for so long.
credits: French Countryside by ChristinaRenee and Shabby Princess; Templates with Attitude 17 and Toolbox 15- Pet Pal Cuties by Tracy Blankenship at; colored chrome action by Atomic Cupcake; fonts: Boys R Gross and CK Constitution

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