Sunday, May 06, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #9

Snapshot #9 is about your health- what things you doing to stay or get healthy. My newest step is taking daily medication to lower my blood pressure, a curse from both sides of my family. I have to say that I am feeling better, if only I remember to take those little pills every day. I went with a doodled chalkboard sort of feel to the page, like something you see at the front of a lot of restaurants telling you what the daily specials are but with some paints and paper elements thrown in for good measure too.

.... my blood pressure, that is. In January I finally went to the doctor and got medication to lower my blood pressure. I don’t like the fact that I will have to take it for the rest of my life, but I feel better and that is what really matters.
credits: everything at
by Tangie Baxter-
Dance Like Everyone is Watching (black paper), Up Up and Away, Gesso Messy Episode 5 Page Borders, AJC2012 Parcel 6, Splatter Graffiti Borders Sweetheart, Icky Stickies 1 (retired), Paperworn Art Styles
by Rosey Posey - 52nd Avenue Paper Hearts
font: AJF Bread and Butterfly, AJF Gryphon, AJF Queen of Hearts, AJF Mad Hatter

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