Friday, September 07, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #17

Snapshot 17 is about the heroes and people you admire. Since I scrapped this page during the last few days of the summer Olympics in London, I focused on my feelings about the athletes are participating, and have participated in the past, in the greatest sporting event around the world. I remember watching the games as a kid. I especially loved the equestrian, diving, synchronized swimming and gymnastics events. How they broadcast the games has certainly changed through the years, and I still wish I got to see more of the sports that don’t get as much coverage in the news. One of these days I’ll scrap a page about one of Mark’s  family members who ran the marathon in the 1924 Paris Olympics.


journaling: I've always watched the Olympics and marveled at the skill that each of the athletes competing at the games displays in their chosen sport. While it is always fun to be able to cheer for the winning team, I also believe that just participating should be treated with as much respect as winning a medal. It takes years of dedication to a single pursuit to be good enough to even qualify to attend and represent the athlete's country in an Olympic year. So, Way To Go!! to all of the athletes that competed at this year's games in London- you did your best and that should be good enough to win anyone's respect and admiration.
A few inspiring athletes that competed for the honor of their country at the 2012 Olympics without expectations of being able to win a medal:
Julie Zetlin from USA in Rhythmic Gymnastics
Sarah Attar from Saudi Arabia in the 800m
Oscar Pistorius from S.Africa in the 400m and 4x400 relay

credits: at Sports Fan Collection by Flergs, Sports Fan by Jen Davey, Word Nerd Vol. 2 Sports by Maya; all photos found on the internet
font: Old Newspaper Types, Chromosome Heavy, custom print by Darcy Baldwin

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