Wednesday, July 04, 2012

June Scrapbook Pages

It’s been a particularly scrappy month- yay!

I figured out a way to paste a background behind the girls studio portrait- love how it turned out!

E&C_CaliGirls-Jazz4-May2011  credits: Studio Mix 24- Summer Magic, Studio Mix 24- Summer Magic Add-on, Studio Mix 24- Summer Magic Templates, Studio Mix 24- Summer Magic Solids, by The Studio Girls, beach background in photo from Little Fishi Island Scenic Papers by Lorie Davison; font: Natural Script

One of Beth and Carissa’s group tap dances this year was to the Chris Brown song, Yeah 3X. They came on stage in all black outfits and start the dance doing cool hip-hop moves, then they rip off all of the black clothes to reveal their nerdiness underneath- high water pants, mismatched socks, suspenders, bowties and of course black rim glasses. It was a very fun dance choreographed by Amy Gard for the group.

E&C_AdvPerc2012-Yeah3X  credits: at Geek Chic and Geek Chic Addon (Facebook freebie) by Micheline Martin, Sew Artsy The Stitches by Michelle Godin; Template 191 by Yin Designs; font: CK Sketch, Ticket Capitals Impressed
 E&C_AdvPerc2012-Yeah3X-1w E&C_AdvPerc2012-Yeah3X-2w

Brenna_DanceOfChoice-J5_5-2  credits: at Color Theory, Gold and Authentic Artistry by Christina Renee Designs, Shades of Me Broken by Miki Ferkul; Lifescapes It's Like That freebie template; Date Bits 19 by Misty Cato; font: Vaguely Replusive, Arial

My cousin, Kristin, at the end of her pregnancy in March. I just loved these photos when I saw them.Kristin_Waiting_3-4-12 credits: at I'll Love You Forever by Sahlin Studio, NSD 2012 Grab Bag by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay; Glorious (silk daisy) by Miki Ferkul at scrapbookgraphics; font: CK Becky, Century Gothic

And here is the little guy just a couple of months later with a big grin for his Grandma. Isn’t he a cutey?Graydon_BigSmile_5-24-12  credits: at Everyday Boy by Kim Jensen, June 2012 freebie by Amy Martin, Sew Artsy the Stitches by Michelle Godin, Date Stamps by Amber Clegg; Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics
font: Typewriter

credits: at After Dark Addon by Sahlin Studio (blog freebie), Bloomin' Froufrou by Kim Jensen, Hope (pearl flower) by TLP Designers; WOW PSE Chrome Style; font: ILS Script

Brenna&Sarah_Lalaloopsy_4-2 For TLP Scraplift challenge June 2012 of Carolee. I lifted her page, Handle with Care
credits: at by Micheline Martin- Kick Back, Kick Back Alpha, Messy Glitter Sprays (retired); by Sahlin Studio - Kitschy Kitchen (blue doily), I\'ll Love You Forever (tulle), Everyday (grid and scallop strip); Summer Elements by Sabrina Dupre; font: CK Becky, Old Newspaper Types

Melinda_NikonD3100_2-24-12  journaling: It stunk when my beloved Nikon D50 was stolen at the end of January. We researched cameras and once again decided to go with a Nikon. It’s been interesting learning to use the D3100- it’s similar to the D50, but not. There are a lot more options and the pictures are twice as big. I’m still figuring things out, but yeah, it was good to upgrade. I really miss that Tamron lens though.
credits: at by Michelle Godin-
I Heart You, I Heart You Mixed Media Backgrounds, April Challenge Freebie, Sloppy Stencils, Just My Type of Alpha, Grunge Factory Overlays; Say Cheese by Kaye Winiecki (captured stamp)
font: Ticket Capitals Impressed

journaling: After the sand and heat of The Great Sand Dunes National Park, the nearby hike to Zapato Falls after lunch was just what we needed to cool off. It was uphill and rocky and the last part was actually walking in the cold mountain stream on slippery rocks. The sound of the waterfall made it almost impossible to speak to each other. It was a refreshing hike.
credits: at
Studio Mix 26 Aquatica and Studio Mix 26 Aquatica Addons by The Studio Girls, Edgy Sides by Jen Davey, Blended Template 11 by Rosey Posey; font: Ticket Capitals Impressed, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

I was very excited last summer to be able to finally see the Collings Foundation WWII airplanes when they made a stop in Colorado. CollingsFoundation_7-8-11
My America by Kim Jensen at, July '12 Facebook freebie by Amy Martin; paint brushes by Michelle Coleman
font: Old Newspaper Fonts, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: at My America by Kim Jensen, Amber Clegg Date It; Multiphoto template by Scrapping With Liz at

journaling: It happened in minutes- the winds kicked up and the Waldo Canyon Fire jumped the ridges of Queen’s Canyon and raced down the hill towards the homes on the west side of Colorado Springs. The smoke rolled down the mountainside too and filled the city streets giving everything an eery orange glow and making it hard to breathe. The smoke was even blown all the way across town to our house. We were glued to the live newscasts all evening, watching the fire move down towards the city and start burning houses. Even though our house was in no danger, it still made us stop and think about what we would do, where we would go if the fire came close to our neighborhood.
credits: by Michelle Godin at Moody Blues papers, Keep Calm and Splatter On, Subtle Spray Alpha- from her
Debut Grab Bag; Date It by Amber Clegg; flame shapes from, The Super at; photos from various people who shared on news channel pages on Facebook
font: Old Newspaper Font

journaling: Elizabeth, Tricia, and Carissa at the end of 8th grade, ready to head to high school. I know they will stay friends despite attending different schools next year. You can’t keep good friends apart!
credits: by Michelle Godin at Moody Blues, Cardboard Cutouts, Bold Strokes- from her
Debut Grab Bag; Date Stamps by Amber Clegg; Paperworn Art Styles by Tangie Baxter at
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Espagnol-Jordyn-600px credits: by Ztampf at Hipstagramix Painted Photo Edges, Soaring, Enter the Dragon, Silky Bloom; font: Shelley LT Allegro Script

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