Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Snapshot 2012 - #12 Comfort Foods

Snapshot #12 is about comfort foods, or holiday foods. I’ve scrapped the traditional holiday recipes we use before, so I went with a general page listing the ones we usually pick from when planning the big holiday meals.

journaling: If it is a major holiday meal such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas, then usually our traditional favorites will be making an appearance on the table. These are dishes typically made from scratch using old family recipes. We are open to trying out new recipes with the old, and occasionally one of the new ones will make its way onto the permanent list of things we choose from when planning a holiday meal. For example, Potatoes Romanoff is a recipe that Mark and I tried when we were dating and everyone liked it so much that now we usually make it instead of plain mashed potatoes.
credits: everything at scrapbookgraphics.com:
Display Pockets 2 by Dawn Inskip; retired: by Rosey Posey- Cinnamon, Cinnamon Christmas, Fragments- Cinnamon; Journal It Strips by Wendyzine
font: Old Newspaper Types, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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