Monday, July 08, 2013

June Scrapbook Pages

We survived another school year and end of the year dance recital, and I’ve found a bit more time to scrap now that dance is in hiatus for a couple of weeks- yay! Summer seems to be as busy as ever so far, so we will see how long I can keep it up.

….. Well, that happy hopefulness of accomplishing lots during our summer break didn’t last much longer. Mark brought home a very nasty respiratory illness from the office and it wiped us both out for almost a month. We managed to muster enough energy to spend with my sister and her family when they visited at the end of June and that pretty much did me in for the rest of the month and the first week of July. Mark ended up with an early stage pneumonia and I had a nasty sinus infection. A full week of antibiotics are finally helping me see the end of the tunnel; I was beginning to wonder if they were working at all. So, here are the pages that I got done in June- not too shabby an amount, I just wish I had been able to do more.

credits: at My Manly Man Papers and Elements by Michelle Godin, Capricious Alphas by Kim Jensen; font: FO Messy Bessy

credits: at Capricious Papers, Elements and Alphas by Kim Jensen, May 2013 template freebie by Amy Martin; font: Typewriter

credits: by Sahlin Studio at Practically Perfect, Fairest One Of All, June 2013 Template blog freebie; at Lorie Davison- Mouse Masquerade (spoon), Wendyzine- Sand Brush, Flergs- Magical Christmas Shimmerz; font: Typewriter

credits: Edgy and Angled by Crystal Livesay at; Love You More Than Ice Cream by Jenn Barrette at; Masks We Wear at; font: Vintage Typewriter

Sarah_WildThing_5-24-13  credits: Happy To Be by Maya at; font: Typewriter

E&C_Ballet34-Dawn_5-31-13  credits: at Studio Mix 48 Garden Party by Studio Girls, blended template 11 by Rosey Posey;  font: Pushkin

E&C_Ballet34-Dawn2_5-31-13  credits: at Studio Mix 48 Garden Party by Studio Girls; font: Cezanne

credits: at Free Love by Pixels & Company Designers, Creashens- Kalea Bits 8 and Sunny Side Upsie Daisies Alphabet, Robyn Meierotto- In Stitches; font: Caflisch Script Pro

journaling: Tap 3 dancers became pirates for this year’s recital
dance. A mix of music from the movie soundtrack and David Garrett’s "He’s a Pirate” leant a mysterious and fun mood to Ms. Cindy’s dance about a pirate crew searching for a buried treasure.  Jareth Spirio lent his acting talents to us again this year and played the role of Jack Sparrow, who makes a deal with Megan to find the hidden treasure and do whatever it takes to keep it all for themselves. In the end, no one but Jack and Megan are still standing.
credits: A Pirate's Life For Me by Jenn Barrette at, Template 334 by Yin Designs; font: CK Pirate's Hand

Brenna_Tap3-HesAPirate-1w Brenna_Tap3-HesAPirate-2w

journaling: I wasn’t sure about this song the first few times I heard it, but by the end of class this year this dance was one of my favorites. It’s pure jazz- the how low can you get down into the floor kind of hard hitting jazz that when done right has to be watched to the end. It’s just that cool.
Music- Aint Nothing Wrong With That by Robert Randolph & the Family Band, choreography by Amanda Browning
credits: Studio Mix 47 -
Bold & True Kit and Wordart by Studio Girls at; Template 225 by Yin Designs
font: TXT Romanesque, SP Wonderful Wendy

credits: at Studio Mix 47 - Bold & True Kit by Studio Girls, Blended Template Bundle 12 by Rosey Posey; font: SP Wonderful Wendy

credits: at Silver Lining by Microferk, Blend and Layer templates 3-6 by Rosey Posey, Magic Castle Template by Wendyzine
font: Zapf Chancery LT

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