Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For the night owl chat on 2.19.06journaling: The kid's computer is located in Bryce's room. In January 2006 they got a new computer and now have the most powerful one in the house. Now all of their games will run on their computer. Favorite games of the moment are Lemony Snickets, a 3D game, Princess Fashion Boutique, Tonka Garage, and Teletubbies. They spend hours playing the games in Bryce's room, and have been known to fight over who's turn it is next at times. For themost part though, they share the computer well.
credits: Cali Blues by Tania Cordova; blue twill ribbon from Shabby Blues by Tania Cordova; LO based on sketch by Gina Miller for SBB subscriber sketch challenge
fonts: Mikrokomputer, Carpal Tunnel


Anonymous Ruthy said...

Had to giggle at your son sitting on the exercise ball at the computer. Mine uses an upside-down milk crate. His chair that matches the desk? It's in the closet. Where else would it be?

12:05 AM  

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