Monday, June 19, 2006

We finally have an egg in the nest. I mentioned a while back that the birds seemed to have abandoned the nest they built in my christmas wreath after I moved it off the front door. I put up the grapevine wreath a while later, and last week I noticed that the birds had built another nest in that wreath on the front door, despite the fact that the christmas wreath with the first nest was still hanging right next to it on the wall. This morning the mama bird laid an egg and Mark moved the wreath off the front door again. Mama bird is hanging out in the nest this time, keeping an eye on the egg- that's her sitting in the tree watching me as I tried to get a picture of the little egg. I'm bummed that we won't be around to keep an eye on how things go, as we leave on vacation on Thursday. But, maybe that is a good thing too as it means that we won't be going in and out of the house the whole time when she is supposed to be sitting on the eggs. It has generally taken 3 weeks for the eggs to hatch, so we should be getting back about the time they hatch. Maybe there will be baby birds at our house when we come home! :)


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