Thursday, June 08, 2006

warning! enabling ahead

So, I was reading Robin Carlton's blog a few days ago and she had a really cool LO she had done when she lifted Tin's fabulous Creative Side of Me LO. I just loved the papers she used, so when I saw the link to the new store she got them from I had to go check it out. You all must go see Summer Simmon's stuff at SugarGiggles- oh she has delicious scrapping stuff there, and there are even several free treats for everyone ;) I have years and years of pictures from all of the science museums we have visited on vacations and just never could find anything that was appriately 'sciency' but still fun too. Guess what I found in the freebies at Sugargiggles? this oh so fun stack of science themed papers called Atomic Junkie.
I knew those great patterned papers were going to be bigger than my poor slow connection could handle, so I waited to go pick them up until yesterday when I was at Marta's house. When I went over to the store to grab the freebie papers, I also found that she had put up some fabulous new kits, and that everything is on sale to top it off. I just couldn't resist a couple of them, so I picked up these too.
Bohemian Summer- I love the color combo she used and think it will work well for photos of my older girls. there are a couple of great freebies that coordinate with this set too ;)
and Ladybug Picnic- I love the soft refeshing colors and the paper patterns are based on vintage fabrics from the 40s. And what really sold me was the cute denim patches with embroidery and the embroidered alphabet that comes with this.
Ah, shopping satisfaction!

Oh, and I got Infinite by Jen Reed and Krista Mettler from Scrapdish and DigiScrapZ today to scrap my wedding photos with.
I'm not really sure what form my wedding pages will take as I have been leaning towards more graphic, white space LOs with just a touch of color when I cruise around the galleries looking at wedding LOs, and that is not the style I usually end up scrapping when I am putting together a LO. I guess we will see how they come out when I am done with them LOL


Blogger Kim said...

I headed over there and grabbed the freebies after I saw that on Robin's blog too! LOL The Ladybug Picnic wasn't up yet though then (or I don't remember seeing it). I may have to go back and look some more. :)

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Oh you are an enabler!! She's fabulous, what great style! Thanks for the lead, LOL!

10:58 AM  
Blogger mrs.S said...

Aaargh!!! Ok, so I do get her fabulous freebies, but again, I can only drool at everything else. LOL!!! She is awesome, isn't she? And I can't wait to see the wedding pages you'll be making with that cool kit!

8:46 PM  

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