Thursday, May 25, 2006

The great egg drop experiment results

I'm not feeling much better. I intended to post last night, but was just too tired before I got around to it. This cold feels like it is settling into my sinuses. I'm still able to do things, but I had much less energy today than even yesterday. Brenna has it too, and is coughing quite a bit. For some reason she is waking up extremely early in the mornings, and I know not getting enough rest isn't helping her (or me).

I got two more home album pages done yesterday. It is just killing me that I have to wait to post them; sharing them with everyone is a big part of saying that it is 'finished' to me now. I started working on another page today, but only got part of it done- the parts that I had to do on the computer.

So, on to the egg drop results....

Here's Bryce with the completed egg drop contraption on his way to school in the morning. You can see Mark took the 'NASA Mars lander' approach to this project. It consisted of a wire basket frame with an egg carton suspended in the middle by rubber bands, and then the whole thing was surrounded by balloons.

The kids' projects were hoisted onto the roof via rope by the school janitor

and then tossed down one by one

I would guess that well over half of the eggs survived in whatever protective cocoons the kids had come up with. Quite a few were in boxes, or in a plastic leftover container of some sort, and most had a homemade parachute of some sort. Plain plastic shopping bags like you get at the grocery store seemed to be very effective. The most original packing material was red jello cubes.

The most dramatic survival was the egg that was in one of the Glad plastic containers, and when it hit the ground there was a loud thud and the container lid popped off and the egg rolled out. The cushioning material also popped out and the egg landed on that and didn't crack. The girl was holding that egg up like a trophy to everybody cheering LOL

Finally it was Bryce's turn....
the egg contraption fell down and bounced a couple of times when it hit the ground. no loud noises, no popping balloons, nothing to indicate whether the egg had cracked or not.

and his egg survived completely unscathed.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. They are sending them home at noon filled with 'goodies', so I won't have to worry about feeding them lunch- Beth and Carissa's classes (and all the other second grade classes) are having an ice cream sundae bar, and at least Bryce's class is eating pizza.

well, that is it for me- it has taken me all evening to get this post done between listening to Mark, getting the pics uploaded, making it look right (I guess we will see about that part in a minute, won't we?), and chatting with a friend I havent seen in a week on IM. Sarah has finally given in and gone to sleep. I need to go find some Sudafed and see if that will help clear out my sinuses so I can get to sleep.


Blogger mrs.S said...

Hey, congratulations to Bryce for his successful project! How cool! And I hope you're feeling better, bella!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Yay Bryce!! That's so funny, I remember, I used Jello in some sort of contraption too, but my Jello didn't help. Hope you feel better soon!

3:00 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

That is so cool! Congrats to Bryce!!!!

11:30 PM  
Blogger Priscilla said...

WTG Bryce!!!

Hope that cold goes away soon Melinda - especially the sinus part of it, its horrible when you are all stuffed up and runny at the same time!

3:32 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Awesome! WTG, Bryce!

Hope you're feeling better. Looking forward to seeing your album pages. :)

8:04 AM  

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