Thursday, June 08, 2006

Look out she's mobile

Sarah has definately figured out the crawling thing now. She is not completely efficient at it still, but she gets around. She has this wierd position where she keeps her left foot on the floor and her knee sticking up in the air- it gives her a lopsided little hopping motion. She has also figured out that if she rolls over onto her stomach back that she can then get herself into the sitting position. She is still working hard at standing too. I don't think she will be crawling long once she has figured out how to stand up. At the moment I am over at my friend Marta's house sitting on the floor trying to type this and Sarah is bound and determined to get her hands on the keyboard. she is quite persistent too.

Here's a couple of LOs I've done in the last few days
journaling: Really? Who honestly thinks that bugs are CUTE? Where in the world did that famous phrase come from? These bugs Carissa is holding are definately not cute- they are big and hairy and just a mite gross, but they are sort of cool too in a buggy way. They are warm, not at all slimy, and tickle when they crawl on your arm. Carissa was the only one brave enough to hold all of the bugs the Discovery Science Museum had to offer. May 8, 2004
credits: Bug Hunter by Tracy Blankenship at at Digital Freebies and ScrappinDigiKreations; fonts: 2Peas Hot Chocolate

The kids enjoying the playground equipment at a local park a few weeks ago.
credits: Thanks Dad by Jeanine Baechtold at; fonts: Yippy Skippy


Blogger Kim said...

Cute layouts, but the bugs? Eeeeeeeew! LOL

Sarah sounds like she's going to be quite a handful! :D

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