Saturday, June 03, 2006

long night and day

Sarah was a pill last night and this morning. Crying without any reason that I could figure other than feeling bad, and not even Mama holding her was helping. She would finally drift off to sleep and I would attempt to put her down and she would wake up and start all over again. She finally slept in bed with us last night. Then, after we woke up this morning she threw up all over the bed. I'm fairly certain it was just the gag reflex though as she was coughing pretty heavily beforehand. Regardless it was still a big yucky mess I had to clean up first thing this morning. It was about the same all morning. Lots and lots of fussing. Finally, Mark got home from the house painting project he was out on and took all of the older kids out for lunch. The house was finally quiet (not that the big kids were behaving badly this morning or anything) and Sarah was sound asleep within five minutes.

I managed to finish this LO I've been working on for a few days finally:
journaling: We started the process of potty training with Brenna in December. We got out the potty seat and started asking her if she wanted to use the toilet. Nothing much happened, but I didn’t really expect it to since the older kids weren’t trained until they were 3 and a half. In April, I took Brenna to the store and asked her what treat she wanted to get when she used the potty. She chose jelly beans. Still, nothing much happened and the jelly beans sat untouched on top of the refrigerator. Finally, in May she decided to start using the toilet regularly. We aren’t completely finished with the process yet, but Mama is pleased to say that she is well on her way to being a big girl now!
credits: Background paper from Beach house by Tracy Blankenship, Pink dots paper, brad and ribbon from Pink Petal Perfection, and Heart doodles from A Little Country Chic doodle kit- all by Tracy Blankenship at Digital Freebies and ScrappinDigiKreations; toilet paper border and rolls from Girl No Diapers by Carrie Stephens at Fishscraps; fonts: LB Ali-Oops

Everyone is waiting on me to go for a walk, so I have go now!


Anonymous Tania said...

Ah! Poor Sarah, I hope she gets better soon! Love that potty training layout! Go Brenna!

11:47 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hope Sarah's doing better! WTG Brenna!! :)

1:44 PM  
Blogger my2boys said...

woohoooo Brennnnnna!!!!!! go girl. Great layout too, love it!Poor Sarah and mommy...what a way to wak up in the morning! Yuck. I hope it was better today! huggggs.

4:06 PM  

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