Wednesday, August 23, 2006

new scrap pages

I've been busy scrapping. Mark is out of town at a conference and class this whole week and I always try to spend a little bit of extra time scrapping while he is gone ;) I actaully got today's LOs done and posted to all of the sites before dinner tonight, so I thought I would be able to get this posted a bit earlier. But, here it is 12A once again and I am just getting to updating the ol blog.
Oh well, who needs sleep?

It's going to just be a quick rundown because I am fading faster than I can type at the moment. On with the show.

this LO done for Robin's nightowl chat Sunday night. She provided the template. I just love LO templates- so quick and easy to get a LO done!
journaling: I heard lots of giggling from the living room and had to go see what was going on. Sarah was looking towards the corner of the room where most of the giggling was coming from. A little face kept appearing from behind the rocking chair in the corner accompianed by a new set of giggles. Brenna was playing hide and seek with her sister, and Sarah had found her. It is always a joy to see them enjoying each others company.
credits: Olivia Collection by Shabby Princess; sketch template by Robin Cabana; fonts: TXT Longhand and Times and Times Again

credits: Beach House kit and Bonus by Tracy Blankenship at Digital Freebies and SkrappinDigiKreations; wood plank from Wood kit by Doris Castle; pebble alpha from YummyTummy kit by Tania Cordova at Scrapdish; This is a scraplift of Tania's (lunafaerie) "Beach Shelter" LO I saw on her blog.
fonts: TXT Brush Script and Times New Roman

description: journaling: Here’s our little Cowgirl in training. I heard a rythmic squeaking and looked over to find Sarah balanced on the rocking chair going back and forth waving a sock that she found on the floor around in the air. She reminded me of someone riding a bull with her motions. Things are never dull with this little person around!
credits: Cutest Cowgirl by Tracy Blankenship at Digital Freebies and SkrappinDigiKreations; Cord Crazy Shapes and Alpha by Kim Jensen at Scrapdish; LO based on sketch by Tracy Blankenship; fonts: CK Cosmopolitan

I turned a few of the many years of hot air balloon pictures I have from the yearly local Balloon Classic festival into this funky collage. It is a lift of Tania Cordova's "PacSun" LO at DigiShopTalk and SBB and on her blog.
keywords: hot air balloon festival lift off collage
credits: Background and watercolor balloons made by me.
Rust paper from Thanks Dad, and green paper from Little Dude, both by Jeanine Baechtold at
Sun made with parts from Cord Crazy lines and shapes by Kim Jensen at Scrapdish
RicRac by Gina Miller
Medium Paper Tear action by Atomic Cupcake
fonts: CK Cosmopolitan

Aren't the cord elements and alpha the coolest thing you've seen a while? You can check them out at Scrapdish HERE! Awesome work Kim!


Blogger Kim said...

Just awesome layouts. I love the way you put things together, and how your journaling always captures the moment so perfectly. :)

And thanks for the plug! :)

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Tania said...

Awesome layouts Melinda!! I feel so honored to be scraplifted and so much more that all my friends jumped in!! And you know I adore that cowgirl layout with Kim's cool cords!!

9:55 PM  

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