Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Bbbrrrr!! It's cold here! It was gray and dreary all day yesterday as a large stormfront was coming in over the mountains. The temperature started dropping around lunch yesterday and it had started snowing before we left the mall yesterday around 4P. It snowed off and on throughout the night, and I think there were about 3" of snow in the backyard. We got a call early in the morning telling us that Mark's office was on a 2hr delay (we can't figure out why they do that when all he has to do is turn on the TV in the morning; getting early morning phonecalls with all of the health issues family members have been dealing with is not good for the system). If the kids weren't on vacation they probably would have had a delayed start too. Brenna went to bed last night talking about being able to go out in the snow and make a snowman in the morning. So, that is what they did. Bryce was of course being the nasty big brother and trying to pelt the girls with snowballs, but they just joined in and he was quickly outnumbered. They made a little snowperson. When I commented on how small it was they said it was a snowbaby LOL Brenna came in fairly quickly after that and wanted hot chocolate. Bryce followed a few minutes later. Beth and Carissa stayed out for quite a while longer and had fun building a 'city' with some of the sand buckets we have laying around out in the yard.
The weather report just said that the official 'high' temperature for today was a whopping 33 degrees F. No wonder my toes are cold right now! It is supposed to warm up a bit into the 50s tomorrow, but then drop again Friday night when we have a good chance of getting more snow. It seems really early for this- a sign of what the winter months are going to be like? I hope not, though we can always use more moisture around here. I'll leave you with some pics of today's activities and a new Sarah LO.
journaling: I can’t believe it has already been a year since you joined our family. You have been a challenge in many ways, but in more you have been a total joy. You are a happy child who loves to be with your family and who can make anyone happy just by giving them a smile or a giggle. You have grown so much during your first year and can do so many things now! I will enjoy watching how you continue to develop in the years to come. I love you, Sarah!
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Blogger Kim said...

Oooo, snow! And here I was mentally complaining about the cold front that came through here late yesterday/early this morning. It's "only" 50°F right now and there's a really cold strong wind. Now I feel like a total wimp! LOL But, hey, it was 85°F yesterday afternoon, and there's a reason I moved south!

Cute pictures, and the layout is fabulous. I love that kit, and the way you used it is awesome!

6:47 AM  

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