Monday, January 29, 2007

birthday and weekend LOs

It was a very nice birthday. Nothing spectacular in any particular way, just lots of little things- getting a Starbucks coffee in the morning while I waited for the twins to have their molars sealed at the dentist (Startbucks is right next door to the dentist office), finally taking a few minutes to go exchange a DVD I got a long time ago that was a duplicate for something else, getting birthday wishes from my mom and friends, dinner at the Olive Garden with well behaved children and getting a small chocolate cake and ice cream to enjoy at home. I got the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" to watch too, but haven't actually watched it yet LOL. I have until Wednesday night.

I had quite a couple of LOs in the works over the weekend and finally managed to finish them up today, and Dani gave us the go-ahead to show off our LOs with the kits that are coming out Feb 1.
These are with wonderful boy kit called Hard @ Play- I found it fit a lot of the photos I brought home from my parents' house taken in the 70s too ;) and she also has a second set of Creative Crop shapes coming out that I used on these first two.
I loved finding the set of pictures of the first house my parents bought because I saw so many things in them that I remembered being in the house all of the years that I was growing up. Some pieces still grace the shelves and walls of my parents' home today. Here's a list of what the labels say: mobile made by Richard; printer's block wall art made by Richard, it hung on the wall outside my bedroom; wrought iron candlestick; bookshelves; Linda's first Navajo rug; Richard's childhood rocking chair; indian basket and pottery; jester bust, LP cabinet; green desk, used as the sewing machine table later; various sculptures & carved bear; owl mobile & balancing children; highchair; piano; my parent's bed headboard
pg2 labels: hanging light from family room; painting from family room; tilting flood light; blue/green plaid couch; blue/green wallpaper, a common color theme for many years; blue metal cup (there was a matching gold cup too!); knight sculpture

credits: By Dani Mogstad: Hard at Play; Creative Crops 2; SayIt! journaling strips (all coming Feb 1 to DesignbyDani dot com); Kitschmas Cheer: jewels, sequins and glitter stickers, filmstrip frame from So Diva! Addon; Doodle swoosh from I Heart Mom by Shawna Clingerman
fonts: TXT Abrasive

My second birthday portraits. I had that lime green and hot pink dog for the longest time Wink
credits: Everything by Dani Mogstad: Hard at Play; Creative Crops2; little flowers; stitched heart from Crazy Love; fonts: CK Jolly Elf

When I stopped in a the Starbucks to get my coffee Saturday morning I was checking out the cute Valentine pottery and other beverage containers and lo and behold I found oen of the 'Make your own' coffee tumblers I have been looking for for months. So, I treated myself to that as well as the cup of coffee. I used Dani's other kit coming out in Feb- Crazy Love. This Valentine kit has fabulous funky colors and lots of neat embellishments! I only used a very small sample on my tumbler insert. The kids think it is really neat that their faces are on my cup and Brenna keeps running off with my cup to look at it.
credits: Crazy Love by Dani Mogstad; Coffee Tumbler insert template by myself

And one last one with one of Mish Gasser's funky new products available at Plain Digital Wrapper- hand painted hearts. A group of my friends have challenged each other to use swirls and doodles on our LOs since a lot of us admit to not feeling terribly comfortable with using them. It just has to be the right kind of LO for me to use them, I think.
credits: Dirty Love Letters Papers by Amanda Roberts; Handpainted hearts and lace by Mish Gasser at PlainDigitalWrapper; doodles from A Beautiful Mess by Lisa Whitney at scrapartist; cardstock letters from Crazy Love by Dani Mogstad (coming Feb 1 at designbydani); stitches by Dani Mogstad; LO inspired by "My Heartthrob" by Sharon Laakkonen, in Creating Keepsakes magazine, Feb07, pg 37
fonts: 2Peas Hot Chocolate

Bryce has his big dental appointment tomorrow evening- filling 2 cavities, a deep cleaning, and pulling that baby tooth that won't come out. I know I am dreading it more than he is! I'll be glad when it is all over. Beth and Carissa had good checkups this time thank goodness. Even with the dental plan we bought all of the work everyone had to have done is putting a rather large dent in the bank account. Hopefully getting everyone in for cleanings on a regular basis will help prevent these things in the future!


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I'm glad you enjoyed your day! :) And I just love all your pages!!!! Hope everything goes ok at the dentist!

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