Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pics from today - are you ready for some snow?

They've already cancelled school for tomorrow, so I know I don't have to get up early if Sarah lets me sleep late. Most major roads outside of town are closed, and even parts of some of the streets in town including the major road just down the hill from us. They are saying that the storm should be by us by tomorrow afternoon, but that is a ways off still. The only official snow measurement I was able to catch on the weather report was 6 inches, and that was around dinner time. It hink I saw that we were in the 6-12" band on the weather map. The wind and drifting is the worst of it.

Just a cute pic I got this afternoon of Sarah and Beth. I was pestering Sarah with my camera trying to get a nice pic of her in her little candycane pants and pink shirt and she was having none of it, but she held still when she was standing there next to Beth.
Then, Sarah started really being a pill and playing with the presents under the tree. I don't think she understands why we have to wait to open all of those pretty packages (and no, I haven't done any of the wrapping that still needs to be done, though I did find the wrapping paper ;) ) This uses a little mini kit Dani has up at the DigiShoppe, it was perfect!
journaling: Today was one of those days, Sarah, where you just did not want to hear the word ‘no’ about anything you were doing. You find the presents under the tree fascinating and often pick one out to carry around, I think in the hope that we will say it is OK to open it. Usually you will go put it back with a little encouragement, but today you just wouldn’t leave it alone and before too long were crying and as mad as can be at me for not allowing you to do as you wanted. Christmas is only a few days away, I promise!
~December 20, 2006

credits: Naughty or Nice by Dani Mogstad at The Digishoppe; staple from Cabana Boy by Dani Mogstad; Rubon action by Atomic Cupcake; fonts: Dirty Ego and CK Handprint

Here's what it looks like out my front door tonight: The snow is blowing up under the porch roof and drifting. There is probably 6 inches piled up right there at that point.
You can't tell because the snow is so deep, but the front flower bed is about a foot lower than the front porch- the snow has pretty much drifted right up level to it now. and this one is because I just think the christmas lights under the snow were so pretty ;)
and as promised, here are some gingerbread tree-making pics:
I handed the camera to the kids and told them to take some pictures for me. Again, they did pretty well. Beth took this one.
Adding the colored candy ball decorations.
Adding more white snow (not sure who took this pic since all 3 big kids had taken a turn by this point)
and the finished masterpiece, what we are calling the blizzard tree
It is just kind of dripping with icing - kind of like the snow outside LOL The icing wasn't very thick and wouldn't hold it's shape for more than a few seconds, so it just started oozing over the side whereever I put it. Maybe I needed to mix it more, or I added too much water even though I just put in what the instructions said, but it was just very thin icing. In the end it didn't turn out too badly, but I don't think Martha Stewart will be inviting me to her show to wow everyone with my piping skills LOL!

We did get the christmas letter written this afternoon. I still need to make sure it fits properly onto the stationary I have and then print them all out, fold, stuff, stamp etc. But the really hard part is done. I headed to bed now, I hope all of you are cozy and warm wherever you are!


Blogger Audimc said...

wowzers.. lots of snow!!!! Doesn't make me miss Colorado :)

STay warm!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I am ROFL at the Naught page! :) Don't envy all that snow!!!!

7:46 PM  

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