Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Buried under LOs!

The print shop did get my LOs done yesterday morning and I've been sorting and putting them in albums for a good 24 hours now. I just love seeing them on paper- you just can't appreciate their full beauty until you print them. I sent emails this morning thanking all of the designer's who share their kits with me for CT work, but I will say it again here too! THANK YOU! you are all so generous and your work is amazing! About 75% of the LOs I've done this last year are with CT kits and I wouldn't change a thing on them- I love you all!

I bit the bullet this year and not only printed the 60 LOs for family members gift books multiple times, but also 1 of every LO I have done this year. So, adding them all up- 60 x 3, plus the 187 for myself, that was 367 LOs. Then I realized after sorting them all, that I had forgotten to add my summer vacation LOs to the CD I took to the print shop. So, I have spent this morning printing them out to add in, and that brings the total up to 389. Whew! Between the printing costs, and then buying the albums and page refills to put them in (luckily the craft stores have had them on sale the last two weeks, and they actually had them in stock LOL), the CC are a smokin'! But it is so worth it to be able to see them all 'in person' and not just on the computer screen. The kids have been having a blast looking through them all too. None of the family really pays too much attention to what I am doing over here in my corner, except occasionally, so most of the LOs are new to them.

I've got a bunch of trimming to do so I can get to wrapping things. I've also printed out several more copies of my CDcase calendar this morning. I'm counting them up and I think I need to print out one more since Beth keeps asking for one for their room. I hope my ink cartridge can hold on for a few more pages, it's getting close to biting the dust after this morning's print marathon! It's going to take me several hours to crop all of the pages and calendars too. I think I need to go find a new blade for my trimmer too, so a trip to the office store is probably going to happen today too. I'm not going to get the boxes mailed for another day or two; I had hoped to be getting them mailed by today at the latest since last year the PO was so darn slow in getting my sis's box to her in TX despite the fact that I had mailed it priority in plenty of time and it still didn't get there until after Christmas. I'll blame it on the 2 extra days the print shop took getting my super large order done- yeah, that's the ticket :-P

Hopefully Sarah's little tummy won't be upset again today- she threw up all over the kitchen floor late last night. At least she missed the table with all of the LOs and scrapbooks on it. It was an ugly mess though. I'm not sure what's going on with her. She threw up a week ago during the digicraft chat, but has been fine since. I don't know if this is related to the second flu shot she got about a week ago, or something else like switching to whole milk after only getting breast milk or formula for so long. We've never had a problem with milk with any of the other kids though.

I hope everyone else's Christmas to-do lists are getting shorter too!


Anonymous Tania said...

Mine hasn't gotten any smaller at all! I think I gave up on Christmas cards too, LOL. Oh well, I'll just email people. Sounds like your albums are amazing, that is so great!

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