Wednesday, November 01, 2006

RAKabration is Coming!! and November Digicrafting

RAKscraps second birthday bash is coming!! whoo hoo!! The festivities kick off this Friday night with the November gallery mixer in the chat room at 9:30 EST. You can get a sampler of the awesome, humongous RAKabration mega kit the CT put together. Here's a peek at what I put into the pot:
and since I always end up making 2 or 3 pieces for every one that actually goes into a kit, I have a second kit that will be the nightowls freebie on November 5!
the amount of sponsor support we have received is staggering! we have over 150 prizes to give out in one week. I'm not even sure how we are going to do it, but if you hang out and participate at all, I'm thinking you have a pretty good chance at one of them!

and I've been working on the November Digicraft stuff too last week.
**WARNING to family members** don't look a the rest of this post if you don't want to see previews of an upcoming Christmas gift! (viewing doesn't mean that you will get it any earlier though LOL)
Irene gave me a few sets of CDcase calendar templates to use for digicrafting this month. Great stuff! but man, they sure are a lot of work to put together, or at least it seems like it. At least with digital scrapping I can make as many copies of these as I want/need. No need to recreate the whole thing every time. The thought of having to look through my whole stash of digikits and pick ones to use for each month just made me shudder, and then I had the brilliant idea to just go down the folder of RAKs megakits from the last year and use one for each month. I still had lots of pieces to choose from within the kits, but at least the decision of what kit to use for each month was taken care of. For chat attendees I have some templates based on the pages I made to hand out and make your scrapping even easier! You can't beat it, so come join me in the chat room at RAKs Tuesday, Nov 7 at 9P EST. Yes, the time is one hour earlier than usual, as Mish is hosting her Trippy Tuesday chat right after at 10P EST!

I'm really pleased with how these came out. There are two different versions of the calendar I'm giving out templates and instructions for- a single page version which uses an empty CD case as a stand and sits on a desk, and a small book form. If any family members take a peek at this and have a particular preference for which one they want, then please let me know either by leaving a comment (yes you all can leave comments!!) or dropping me a line via email or phone :)

credits for the cover can be seen here

credits for these pages can be seen here

credits for these pages can be seen here


Anonymous Tania said...

Okay, using the RAK kits was a perfect idea! I think I know what I'll do know, I agree that putting together a calendar is overwhelming.

12:42 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

What a fun idea to use the mega kits, Melinda! These are really cute! :)

7:19 PM  

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