Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween sneak peek

I've been working on the November digicraft, a CD case calendar (templates made by Irene and given to me- thank you!) the last few days, and I needed a Halloween costume picture for the October page. So, I told all of the kids to go get their costumes on for me. I didn't have anyone refuse LOL!

After I took all of the pictures, Brenna announced she was ready to go get some candy ROFL!! I always take pictures of everyone before they head out to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood, so I guess it was only natural for her to expect that. Too funny!
And here is a LO I put together with Robin's latest paper pack at SBB, called October Night. Talk about papers that are perfect for showing off some of the halloween jack-o-lanterns we've carved! I just love the oranges and how they 'glow'

I got a new set of pumpkin carving tools with a coupon at Michael's a few weeks back, and they came with a computer program of some sort that lets you design your own carving patterns. I should probably load that onto a computer (not mine lol!) and let the kids go to town figuring out what they want this year's pumpkin to look like.

Tomorrow, Sarah has a well baby check-up and is scheduled for shots. She's had a bit of a runny nose the last couple of days, but it isn't bad so I don't think it will interfere with getting the shots tomorrow. After the doctor appointment, Brenna was invited to a birthday tea party for one of her little friends from church. She is more than a bit excited, to say the least. We picked out a little puppy in a carrying bag at Target today to give Leisha. Brenna has been very protective of it. I hope she can give it away gracefully tomorrow LOL! I think She needs one of her own for Christmas since all of her sisters have puppies in bags.

They are predicting a large snowstorm to come in tomorrow night. I think it is going to be a long, cold winter here in CO.

I'm off. Sarah has had her late night snack, and I found a new book by Aimee and David Thurlo a the library this afternoon. It is a new Ella Clah mystery called Mourning Dove. It was on the Rapid Reads shelf, which means I get it for one week and I can't renew it. So, I will be getting it read this week!


Blogger Kim said...

The kids look great, and I just love the layout. I can't remember the last time I carved a pumpkin. Such a mess, but so very cool! :)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

LOL that you had them dress up early!!!! :)

9:10 PM  

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