Friday, November 10, 2006


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I've been busy RAKabrating this week- The forums and gallery are hopping and the new chat room is getting a major workout! so far I've made over 300 posts (most of them on LOs in the gallery for the challenges I'm hosting), I have 3 different challenges going on at the same time!, wrote a small tutorial for my last challenge on design principles of two page LOs, have read and or sent over 60 PMs answering questions, attended I don't know how many chats, and done all of these LOs/projects. There were over 50 people at my digicraft chat Tuesday night, the biggest crowd I've had in the 9 months I've been doing them. The fun isn't over yet either. We still have 2 more days to go plus all of the wrap up stuff. I'm tired just thinking about it all.

Sarah has been a pill lately, getting into everything she knows she is not supposed to to try and get attention. She thinks it is funny to climb up into the chair at the computer when I get up to do something and push all of the computer keys. She just turns around and puts the biggest grin on her face when she sees me. What a pill! She was goofing off this morning while I was trying to change a dirty diaper and started a cascade off the end of the dresser that found me moving furniture to try and rescue my earrings from the heating vent that fell in there when the jewelry box crashed to the floor. I think I got them all, thank goodness the vent had two pieces that didn't connect smoothly and there was a small lip that caught them. If I am missing anything else, the whole pair is gone and I probably won't ever know it LOL I rarely change my earrings these days since Sarah like to play with them and the last thing I need her doing is ripping a hole in my ear trying to see the new sparkly thing hanging there. She was a sleepy-head yesterday and didn't get up until 10:30, then took a two nap in the afternoon. Which probably means she will hardly sleep at all today.

Here's the LO lineup for the week so far (I'm going to be lazy and just send you to my gallery at RAKs for credits to keep this humongous post from getting even longer).
For my nightowls challenge on Sunday night:
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RAKabration Daily challenge1: a template challenge by Jeannie
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RAKabration Daily Challenge2- scrap something with a 'second' theme
This LO uses Jen Reed's gorgeous Quiet Place kit at Scrapdish, which is one of my CT kits this month.
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RAKabration Daily Challenge3- redo a past LO you weren't happy with
I redid this sledding LO. This is better, but I'm still not quite 100% satisfied. Maybe in a few more months down the road I'll have an epiphany about what else to do to it.
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RAKabration Daily Challenge 4- 2 Kit Tuesday, scrap a LO using at least 2 different kits. I actually combined this one with the Journalling challenge too, which was to scrap a LO and an ATC about what you love about RAKscraps.
credits can be seen here
my ATC:
credits can be seen here
and Mish gave us an ATC envelope digicraft template at her Trippy Tuesday chat, so I made an envelope to put RAKabration ATCs in when we get them swapped out at the end of the celebration.
credits seen here

RAKabration Daily Challenge 5- a Celebration LO
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RAKabration Daily Challenge 6- 2 page LOs, hosted my me!
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and one last LO I did before the RAKabrating began since I've been in a first birthday LO mode the last few days:
credits can be seen here

Today's daily challenge is to use past megakits. I think I know what I want to do. I need to start writing up the tutorial for the newsletter too. The deadline for that is creeping up on me, and I have a LO coming due for SD CT stuff. Now I just have to get Sarah and company to leave me alone long enough to get it done.


Blogger Kim said...

Wow, you rocked RAKabration!! Between being sick and all the other stuff I had to do, I didn't manage to really participate at all. :( Your layouts are all fabulous though! I really love the ATC with the globe; so glad someone got some good use out of that! :)

7:33 PM  
Blogger jane said...

wow melinda! you are a layout queen, lol!!! sooo many and all so fabulous!!!
and can i tell ya how awesome i think it is that you reused my snow angel kit!!!! tooooo kewl!!!! thanks!! (THAT was what you were talkin about last nite, lol! i thought you were saying that you did your celebrity look alike, hehhehehe!!

9:06 PM  
Blogger Audimc said...

Awesome LOs Melinda!!! YOu are so busy!! Raks wouldn't be the same without you :) I love the card you made too!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

I am so jealous you got all these pages done! I think I got up to challenge 4 and haven't had much time since! LOL! These are fabulous!!!!

10:00 PM  

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