Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Traditions pages

Deck the Halls
journaling: With small kids around, I haven’t decorated as much as in some years past, but there are always certain things that come out of storage that help it really feel like Christmas.
Dani Mogstad: Kitschmas Cheer, felt alpha from Birthday Bash kit (recolored), ornaments
font: TXT Annesia, Typewriter

Ornament Collection
journaling: Grandma Doris started our ornament tradition my first Christmas with the gift of my first ornament. Every year she would give each of the grandchildren an ornament she had made. My favorite one has always been the hollowed egg shell with the diorama inside, given to me when I was two. When she died in 1984 my Dad and MommyPat picked up the tradition and have continued growing my ornament collection with new additions every year.
Dani Mogstad: Kitschmas Cheer, felt shapes, glitter palm from Scraps of the Season- Peace; font: Bickley Script

journaling: Grandmama and Granddaddy have given each of the kids their stockings as one of their first Christmas presents. Looking in our stockings is the first thing that we do on Christmas morning, to see what Santa left in them during the night.
font: Bickley Script, TXT Santa Font; Dani Mogstad: Kitschmas Cheer

Christmas Card Picture
journaling: We send out a Christmas letter every year, and we always include a picture of the family or kids so that our family and friends can see how they have grown and changed during the year.
Dani Mogstad: Kitschmas Cheer, Scraps of the Season- Peace; font: Bickley Script, TXT Santa Font

New PJs
journaling: I began giving the kids a new pair of pajamas to wear when Beth and Carissa were one. It is the one present they are allowed to open on Christmas Eve, before bed. Their new pjs are usually favorites for quite a while after Christmas is over.
Dani Mogstad: Kitschmas Cheer, felt shapes, Scraps of the Season- Cheer; font: TXT Annesia

And I finally got the Christmas card photo put together- of course it helped a whole bunch that all I had to do was drop the picture into this fabulous card already put together for me by KimJ LOL! So, there are 2 of the 3 promised holiday pictures in this post ;)

I have one more of Sarah that I really want to scrap before showing it off as it is so cute! Maybe this week- it seems like my to-do list is a mile long still. I did get a lot accomplished last week, but I don't think the list has gotten much shorter. I thought I could wrap and pack boxes to ship this weekend, but the print shop didn't get my pages done in time to get them to me before their work week ended. Hopefully they will have them done tomorrow for me!


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Love your pages and the card!!! I just love the photo of the kids! :)

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