Thursday, December 14, 2006

And they're off!

The Christmas packages that is! Hooray and Hallelujah!! LOL The line at the post office wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting/have experienced in the past. I only had to wait 20 minutes and was walking out of the door wtihin 30 minutes total. Brenna and Sarah were good too!

Now I only have a few more major things on the Christmas to-do list: wrapping the rest of the kids gifts and the Christmas letter/cards being the two biggest. I haven't really started thinking about making sure I have everything we need for Christmas day breakfast and dinner yet either.

Something is up with my wireless connection this morning- not sure what since it was working just fine when I went to bed last night. The connection just isn't working from this computer (the one I get on the internet with). So, that means that I can't get to my email easily since my email program is on the laptop. I can still get/read/send on the web mail, but that is a big pain usually. Hopefully Mark will be able to sort it out without too much trouble when he comes home to get us. His office is having their holiday lunch potluck today and since his office is on base now he has to come get us and take us.

I'm so glad to have those boxes shipped off! and I can't wait to scrap a little later today. I just hate not being able to scrap LOL!!


Anonymous Tania said...

Yay for fast lines!! Have fun at your party and hope that internet connection gets better, mine has been giving problems since the beginning of the month and I almost freaked out last night trying to download my email :D

1:12 PM  

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