Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I think I have some serious dentist issues...

You would think that it was me going off to the dentist tonight to have cavities filled and a tooth pulled the way I am feeling right now, instead of Bryce. I'm glad I scheduled it late enough in the evening that Mark could take him, because I am not sure I would do well sitting there and waiting. At least I can keep myself busy doing things here at home. It must be the mom instinct coming out in me full force. Ugh.

I can't say that I ever had any horrible experiences at the dentist as a kid- nothing traumatic in any spectacular way. I guess all of the stuff I had done over the years just didn't leave a favorable impression. I should go eat some dinner, but I really don't feel like it with all of these butterflies in my stomach at the moment. I guess I will go empty the dishwasher and clean up everyone else's dinner mess and see if I can't calm myself down a bit first.


Blogger AmyK said...

I hear you - I have a major dentist phobia! I hope everything goes well!!

1:40 PM  

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